President's Message
Ben Davoren

September 2021 President’s Message

August was an action-packed month for the Redwood Region, and I hope that if you weren’t able to come out and enjoy one of our events you will start looking at the calendar for the rest of the year. We are having some good fun out there!

The Maple Creek winery tour was by all reports (including Kurt Fischer’s in this month’s der Riesenbaum) a great day, having changed up our historical potluck lunch to a catered meal matched with distinctive wines, and two well-attended autocrosses found us back out at Sonoma Raceway. I’m proud to say our dR editor has taken the leap into this safest way to explore your Porsche’s capabilities, so both of us would love to welcome more newbies in the future! Finally, another great Marin/Sonoma rally was put together by Jim Robison, this time using a smartphone-based app that monitors the rally checkpoints based on GPS coordinates, which should expand our ability to have even more creative rallies, starting with an “Oktoberfest” rally on Saturday October 9th put together by member Jeff Hall. Registration should be open by the time you read this.

Speaking of Oktoberfest, our annual tour from Santa Rosa to Vacaville’s great downtown plaza Oktoberfest (and new member mixer) will take place on Saturday September 25th. Registration is open; the great backroads drive is free and includes reserved Porsche parking right next to the plaza courtesy of the Holgers, owners of the Pure Grain Bakery and Redwood members.

October brings us to our annual Concours, the theme of this month’s dR, on Sunday October 3rd at Lucchesi Park in Petaluma. This is a location and date change but a great spot to come to and see everything from air-cooled 356s to the sleek electric Taycan all beautifully shined up for your viewing pleasure (and for trophies of course!). Register now; even as a spectator you may pre-order a boxed lunch before September 29th.

Later in October we will have another shared AX weekend with Sacramento Valley (SVR) at Thunderhill Oct 16/17. Registration will open soon. With 7 acres of blacktop to play with, no doubt the course set up will be a blast. And to go out with a bang, our annual member’s meeting will be back at the Union Hotel in Occidental on Sunday October 24th. We will have an optional tour from Marin culminating in a sit-down lunch, discussion of the state of the club, and introduction of candidates for our Executive Council offices (you can nominate yourself, just FYI). Registration is open now. In early November (5-7), SVR has a 3-day Mendocino Tour open for registration that we are invited to join since it’s in our backyard and coordinated by member Ray Fiore.

As usual, I invite you to participate in planning events for our 100% volunteer-run future. Our club has openings on the Board that could benefit from your energy and enthusiasm. If you'd like to know more, please reach out to me directly or attend a Board meeting. 

Meetings are open to all members on the last Tuesday of every month at 7 PM at Mary's Pizza Shack in Novato. Dinner is always on the club - you just pay for your drink (Zoom is also available). Please see our calendar link at  for details.
Conquering Concours
Simone Kopitzki
Zone 7 Concours Chair
Redwood Region Member

Concours – is that where you clean your car with a Qtip? Well, yes it is but it is much more than that. When I got into Concours competition about 6 years ago I didn’t know how much fun this would actually be. Concours is a big family. Everyone shares fun times together, cleaning the cars, talking about the latest cleaning tools, tips and tricks and of course the modifications they have made.

When you have never done Concours in the Zone 7 competition then you should start with the “Street Category” which is the easiest to begin with. There are 4 different Categories: Street, Touring, Unrestored and Full. Touring has also a subcategory for cars where the engine is not accessible (like Boxsters, Caymans or 991s etc). You can find the areas being judged in the little graph below. If you want to enter your car into “Unrestored” your car must be at least 21 years old and must have at least 75% originality in paint, exterior and interior. If you enter your car into the “Street” category, then the car must be driven at least 2000 miles/year to be eligible for the year end award. All cars must be driven to/from the home port/permanent residence. The only exception for trailering a car to the event is when entering into modified/competition/limited production class.
There is a point scoring system in place which starts from the “Perfect” Score with zero deductions to a maximum of .3 point deduction for each area that is judged. Points are deducted for maintenance and preparation flaws. Judging in this area is how well the car has been maintained, including cleanliness, wear and tear, touch up and lubrication. Originality is not judged in the Zone 7 Concours Competition, except for the unrestored category where the 75% minimum must met.
To make this competition fairer you will enter your car into a specific class. Below is a graph with all the different classes. You compete only with models similar to yours.
For the full Zone 7 Concours rules please visit the Concours Zone 7 website:

Preparing a car for a Concours is the actual challenge. It is not enough to just wash and wax your car. Preparation typically starts a week, if not months, ahead of the event. The attention to detail makes the difference. Most cars in the Concours competition are so clean and so tightly close in points that only one tiny forgotten area can make the difference of 1st, 2nd or 3rd place or even cause one to fall out of the placing. A little dust on the fuel door hinge or an old dirty lubrication in the door lock mechanism can ruin it.
Typically the first place receives a nice trophy, some regions have trophies for the second and third places too. Additionally, if you entered at least 4 out of 7 events you qualify for the Zone 7 year end award.
But most important truly is the fun. Like I described earlier – it is like family. We cheer each other up and help each other out. Many people having been doing Concours for many years. This not only keeps the car clean but also adds a lot value to the car over the years.
Besides the 7 actual Concours events, Zone 7 also offers a Concours and Judging School, typically held at the beginning of each Concours season. Maybe you'll want to try this next year. We are also considering doing a Concours Clinic next year to share the little tips and tricks that you do not get when you buy a great product. But if you want to get on it right away, there are still many events coming up where you can get a taste. Events typically include a BBQ or lunch where you can meet the crazy cleaning people and chat about it. Below is the schedule with the remaining events for this year:

·      October 3rd, Lucchesi Park Petaluma, Redwood Region
·      October 17th, Porsche of Livermore, Diablo Region
·      October 24th, Porsche of Redwood City, Golden Gate Region
·      November 7th, Porsche of Fremont, Loma Prieta Region

If you have additional questions check out the helpful tips on the Zone 7 website:

or contact one of the Zone 7 Concours Chairs: Simone Kopitzki or Roy Schauben at

Keep cleaning… sincerely yours,
Simone Kopitzki
Wash and Shine
Sharon Castle
Redwood Region Member
After signing up for Werks Corral, I received an email explaining the upcoming Concours and what was needed: a “wash and shine” not a “Concours D’Elegance” level of detailing. The email said that you bring the car, tell about it, and have fun.

Curious, I looked up my class and there were only 2 other cars entered, and I thought therefore that the chance for at least a third place trophy was good motivation to sign up.

The only problem was that my back problems really don’t let me bend over to clean, so I knew that I would need some help. So, I asked Vern (Vern Rogers, Redwood Region Past President) if he would be willing to help. He said, “OK.” But, I asked him to think about it because it meant he would be doing the cleaning. So, I asked him again, and he said, “Ok.”

I signed up.

I wrote a first draft of my write up, and had Vern look at it.

You are required to tell about your car, and I wrote emotionally about how beautiful my Panamera is and about its fantastic performance. I couldn’t list a pedigree of events because it’s still a new car, but it sure is a fun car to drive.

Vern took the lead on how to clean the car. He stated we’d wash the car on the drive down to Monterey. We could then clean up the car again when we got to Werks. Vern prepared a bucket of special wash and shine items and a whole lot of cleaning towels.

When we got to Werks, I happened to run into Manny Alban, Past PCA National President and always great guy. I told him that I had entered the Concours, and he said he had a story for me. He was judging a Concours at Amelia Island, and there was this one car that was a bit dirty, and he was asking the guy questions about his car. The guy kept raving about what a fantastic car it was and how much he loved it. He went on and on about how phenomenal it was to drive . When Manny talked to the other presenters, they just talked about how pretty and super spiffy clean their cars were and all the awards they had won in the past. Manny thought to himself,  “Hmmmm, we really need to change how we judge these cars.” In the end, the guy who adored his somewhat dirty car won.

I thought to myself, “ Well good, I’ll let the judges know how much I love and enjoy my car.”

Anyway, we were directed to our staging location, and it was foggy and we had to drive over a dirt road and the underneath and the tires got all dirty. But, we got there early as is normal for us. Vern got under the car and got to work with his special cleaning stuff and his bucket. He cleaned for 2 hours.
So now, we were one of seven cars, and they were all very beautiful. Mine was the only one of the newer models that just have those beautiful lines in front and back.
I heard over the loudspeaker that the judges would be coming by soon, and I looked up and there were the judges right in front of me.

The one thing I did know from showing horses is to never get between the horse and the judge.

I was very careful showing off the car. The judges asked the most interesting questions. They asked me what I liked about my car. I said I like the gorgeous lines, the spectacular performance, the handling on spirited runs on backroads where I can keep up with anybody. This car is just so wonderful.

Now I want you to know that it was very overcast, and you couldn’t really see just how gorgeous the color of my car really is. It just looked flat brown in the dull light.

One judge asked me why I bought this car, and I replied honestly that I sold both my 2016 Cayman GTS and my 2012 S Boxster to buy this car. I needed a car for work. I’m a realtor, and I really can’t afford to retire. This car can do everything. I’m going to take it to autocross next week, and the following week I’m going to be on the Sonoma Raceway for a High Performance Drivers Education Course.

I had a big smile on my face!
So they looked under the hood and I saw some specks so I brushed them off and Vern was muttering under his breath, “You’re not supposed to touch the car in front of the judges.”

After all the judging, I had a good feeling.
You know that in your own eyes, you always think your car is best….

Vern was a volunteer; his duty was to go up to the entrance and let folks know that the event was sold out.

When I saw John D’Angelo (PCA Judge) approaching in my direction, I said, “Really?” He was nodding and smiling.

I called Vern and said, “We got a ribbon! Guess what color?”

Then I called the volunteer coordinator and asked if Vern could be relieved so he didn’t miss the trophy presentation. Vern made it back just in time for the award to be presented.

We got so excited that we just got in the car and left. We forgot to take a picture!

I have always said that my cars are performance cars, not just pretty. It was wonderful to get involved with this fun Concours. I have so much more appreciation for all the work, and it is exciting.

Werks encourages anybody to enter into the Wash and Shine. Of course, it does help that Vern is a Concours judge so he knew how to get it done.
VaVaVroom to Pech Merle
Heading out for our “5th Annual” Va Va Vroom Tour, 2 groups of Porsches launched from Member Paul Carver’s Autobahn Automotive on a lively run culminating in a marvelously tasty ending at Pech Merle Winery

Kurt Fisher performed Master of Ceremony duties then led the first group east along Mark West Springs Road. It was interesting to see how many new homes have risen from the ashes, and how many are still building their dreams. We continued east along Petrified Forest Road to Calistoga, painting a pristine line of pretty Porsches from 128 through sweeping curves and into Geyserville.

Bruce and Cheryl Lawton, Winery Proprietors and Redwood Region Members, put on a fabulous event with great attention to detail.

 As we entered the tasting room, each person was handed a wineglass personalized with a name tag and filled with a lovely Sauvignon Blanc that hit the perfect notes after the drive.

This year, we were treated to the grand show of Paella-making in the outdoor courtyard.  In addition to the traditional Valencia paella of seafood and chorizo, a chicken paella was crafted to please pickier palates. An enormous salad, guacamole with artisan bread and a shimmery vanilla flan for dessert completed the feast. Members enjoyed the chance to mix and mingle and taste lots of amazing wines crafted from many award winning varietals. We even got to sign the limited edition annual commemorative poster.
Stacy O'Connell
Autocross Co-Chair

After all this talk about Concours, let's talk about the opposite of clean cars -- Autocross! August was a big month for Redwood autocross with not one but two events at the paddock at Sonoma Raceway. The first Sunday was a shared weekend with our friends from Golden Gate Region. They ran on Saturday and Redwood ran on Sunday. With just 27 attendees (come on autocrossers, come out and play with us!) we were "this close" to not having enough people to staff worker stations. But thankfully we managed and all stations were covered.

My co-chair in crime, Drew Powers designed the course -- we ran it one way on Saturday and the opposite way on Sunday. The beauty of having few drivers is that we got 12 runs in for the day, with an average of about 50 seconds per run.

Congrats to GGR member Monty Pack for top time of the day with a 47.744 and to Drew for the PAX win of the day,

The second Sunday was another great day, driving another course designed by Drew. It was great to see some old faces in the crowd as well as some new ones. Our own der Riesenbaum editor, Lisa Davoren, took the plunge and drove her first autocross ever. She was fearless and awesome! When I asked her what she liked the best she said: "it was just so great that everyone was so excited for me and so eager to offer their advice and expertise without judgement. Plus, I had a great instructor, of course!" She's since purchased her own helmet so I think we have a new convert!

That second Sunday, it was a tight race with Steve Forshay taking TTOD with his 36.621 run. And Brant Ballantyne got the win for top PAX. Congratulations drivers!

You can find all the results in the autocross section of our website.

Our next event will be a shared weekend at Thunderhill with SVR on October 16/17. SVR will run on Saturday and Redwood will run on Sunday. Registration for our event will open in a few days and we'll post the link on Facebook and Instagram as well. If you want to be added to our AX mailing list, just drop me an email to let me know.

Hotels are still available in Willows if you're planning on coming out and making a weekend of it. Thunderhill is great venue and the weather should be perfect. Hope to see you there!
Maple Creek Tour
kurt fischer headshot
Kurt Fischer
Social Chair

Saturday morning, August 14th, I arrive in the parking lot near Kaffe Mocha in Santa Rosa...We are off to visit Maple Creek Winery high atop a hill in Yorkville, CA! Maple Creek is one of our favorite wineries to visit with owner, Tom Rodrigues, whose wines are outstanding!
This is a small group... only 32 of us and 16 cars so we are doing a single run group with Rick Duste as my sweep guy to get the herd of cats in a row! Off we go... all back roads for our 56 mile scenic run to Yorkville!
The cars... you name it... from Al Barbieri's 356 coupe “myfrogg” to Chad Allen's brand new Carrera S with paper plates and one lone C7 Corvette. The back roads of Sonoma County are surprisingly empty for this time of the morning, with few bicyclists too! The day is looking good...except for our temps...which will get into the triple digits once we get to Maple Creek!
Our bio break is at Hamburger Ranch in Cloverdale. We dash in..take care of a few things and back on the road... Highway 128 into Mendocino County for the last 20 miles to Maple Creek.
For this outing we decided to employ the cooking talents of a caterer that we have used in the past: Randy Apel. Randy is cooking tritip and chicken along with pesto pasta, green salad and desserts.. a lot of great food! As we arrive at Maple Creek at 12:20...Tom Rodrigues tells me that Randy arrived at 9:30AM...this man is dedicated to his cooking!
Maple Creek has changed their seating, and we are now just outside the tasting room with umbrella'd tables with room for about 8 people at each table! Tom and Dan and Julie from the winery staff start the process of wine tasting...first the whites...followed by a Rosé all of which are very cooling on the throat as our temps are well above 100F. Next...Pinot and Cabernet and Maple Creek's famous blend called Cowboy Red are being served... time for food! We line up and fill our plates with Randy's is good in the heat... fine wines and great food!
For those of you that have not been to Maple Creek in the past...Tom Rodrigues is a very talented artist...stained glass windows...designing wine bottle labels for Far Niente and Nickel and Nickel and drumroll...a painting hanging in the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY...this man has talent plus and is a real baseball nut!
Food is finished... wine is purchased... we bid fond adieu to Tom, Dan and Julie of the Maple Creek staff and head off into the heat of the afternoon!

We will be back next join us for a delightful drive... great food and wine!
photos by Julie Millay of Maple Creek
der Scheinwerfer
Richard Shaw
New Redwood Member

I decided to give myself membership in the Redwood Region PCA as my 65th birthday present. I always wanted to meet other like-minded people. I also wanted to learn more about driving around the Napa Valley and beyond, to get information on the best routes to drive.

I've had my Boxster for about 3 and a half years. It's a 2005 Boxster S in Midnight Blue Metallic. My Boxster is the best! My favorite thing is the exhaust tone.

I also have a 2011 Cayenne S in Florida as I live full-time in Jacksonville Beach.
However, we have a condo in Yountville and try to come 4 or 5 times a year. It's just five minutes to the Silverado Trail and great driving! I told my wife, "You're buying the house, so I'm buying the car!"

I got the Porsche bug in 1984 when a friend who was an IMSA distance driver and flipper of cars, drove me up to a track on a race day in a 1978 911 SC and then threw me the keys on the way home. But then, I spent a lot of time driving the fastest Mustangs.

I found my Boxster up in Weed, California. It was really well maintained. It has 87,000 miles on it now, and it only needed a few minor repairs.

I'm a native midwesterner from Detroit where the roads are not great, but when I moved down to Jacksonville, I began following IMSA racing and became a Brumos racing fan.
I didn't buy my Boxster from Brumos, but it has a Brumos license plate frame.
In Florida, I'm about 8 minutes from the Brumos Collection Museum.*

I have the best of intentions, and I'm a real talker, but I'm trying to learn to be a better listener. I enjoy meeting people and learning about them.

*Brumos: Brumos Racing is a racing team based in Jacksonville,Florida.
The Brumos Collection Museum is a 35,000-square-foot interactive museum.
In the Zone
Collin Fat
Zone 7 Representative

Covid, Wild Fires, and Drought
Who would have imagined earlier that after the successful development of the Covid Vaccine and its subsequent FDA approval that the Delta variant would result in a secondary wave of infections and deaths among the unvaccinated? With wild fires raging in Northern California and a severe drought forcing water conservation measures throughout the state, it seems that we are getting hit on all sides regarding bad news! With our young children returning to school, parents are justifiably concerned about the safety of their children. The restrictions imposed by the pandemic are soon to diminish as booster shots become available and with the approval of a vaccine for children 5-12 on the horizon.
The impact of the current wild fires and the smoke they created have had effects on club activities. Out of caution and concern for the health of our members from the unhealthy air conditions, “Sierra Nevada Region club president Millie Smith made the hard decision to cancel the concours portion of their 2 day event on August 28-29th.

As Californians and club members, let's do our share to conserve our water usage, keep our families and friends safe from the virus, and do our best to help members who may have been impacted by the recent fires.  
Werks Reunion Monterey
Werks Reunion Monterey was held at Bayonet Golf Course on the beautiful Monterey Peninsula on August 13th, and preliminary attendance numbers point to excellent attendance. There were approximately 166 judged cars, 600 cars on the grass in the corral and well over 1,000 Porsche owners and the general public attending to see the beautiful display of Stuttgart’s finest under clear skies and mild temperatures. This was the first time at this venue, and Tom Provasi and his team did a masterful job of pulling it all together after learning several weeks prior to the event that Corral de Tierra would not be available. My hats are off to Tom and all the volunteers who scrambled to make this a very memorable event. From my perspective, I thought the site more easily accommodated access without the traffic gridlock seen over the past years at the old location. Conveniently located just off of Highway 1, entering the event was quite easy while exiting was also much better than the gridlock experienced at Corral de Tierra. I am looking forward to next year's event at this same location! In addition to the cars on display, there were at least a dozen sponsor booths at the event which included Pelican Parts, Michelin, Griots, Hagerty and Xpel to name a few.
Most of the executive council including Cyndi Jacisin, Aaron Ambrosino, Todd Benz, Craig Kugler, and Caren Cooper were also in attendance, along with Vu Nguyen, our PCA executive director. He handled the awards ceremony as one of his tasks.
Rolex Historic Races
More than 14 PCA members volunteered at this year’s Rolex Historic races at Laguna Seca, held from August 12-15th. The Corral Parking nearly sold out with some 188 passes sold. The weekend had record attendance with well over 600 visitors to the hospitality tent, breaking the all- time attendance record. The racing was spectacular with early 1920’s Indy Cars as well as more modern 1980’s Indy cars in action. Thanks to the following PCA members for volunteering: Kristi Jordon, Paul Sedillos, Jimmy Willrodt, Ted Miles, Pam & Dan Richards, Steve Ponsi, Gilbert Bouzeid, Sharon Castle, Vern Rogers, Sergio Meza, David Gates, and Paul & Debi Scherer.
  L/R Lynn Friedman, Craig Kugler, Cyndi Jacisin, Caren Cooper, Todd Benz and Collin Fat
Zone 7 Concours Series Update

The second Concours in the series was held on August 1st at Porsche Rocklin, hosted by the Sacramento Valley Region. There was a record turnout of 43 judged cars along with dozens of more Porsches driven by local members who chose not to enter their prized Porsches but wanted to take in the sights of what it takes to compete in a PCA concours event. No one left disappointed and congratulations to the Concours team of Kim Nelson and Al Price for all of their hard work in organizing this annual event.

Monterey Bay Region hosted another spectacular display of more than 33 judged cars at Carmel Valley Community Park on the Monterey Peninsula. It was a great turnout, and I presented the region with their 60th Anniversary Citation from by PCA National and the Executive Committee. It’s so hard to realize that the club was formed in March of 1961!
Sacramento Valley Concours Spectators enjoying the great weather at Porsche Rocklin

Next up on the Concours calendar is Redwood Region’s Concours on October 3rd at Lucchessi Community Park in Petaluma. Registration is now open!

Diablo Region Concours at Porsche Livermore will follow on October 17th with more information available on this region’s event at their region website .
Zone 7 Autocross Series Update

September Zone autocross events will be held at the Cow Palace over the Labor Day weekend with Loma Prieta Region hosting the event on September 4th and Golden Gate Region hosting the event on Sunday, September 5th. Registration for both events is open but may be sold out by the time this column is published. Please check with each region’s website for the most current registration status.

There was a error in last month’s column related to Redwood Region hosting a Zone autocross at Sonoma Raceway.

Sacramento Valley Region is holding a non-Zone event at Thunderhill on September 18th with registration now open. For all those competing for year end Zone awards you will need to compete in at least 50% of all scheduled events as well as compete in at least 3 regions events. For the latest standings please visit the Zone 7 website.
Events of Interest

PCA Fall Treffen at the American Club, Kohler, Wisconsin, October 13-17

PCA Spring Treffen at the Broadmoor, Colorado Springs, Colorado, April 27-May 1, 2022

CRAB by Sacramento Valley Region, May 13-25, 2022

Parade 2022 at Kahalari Resort Poconos, Pennsylvania June 12-18th
Note: Treffens historically sell out in as little as one hour due to their popularity. Registration for the Treffens typically opens 3-4 months prior to the event.
The Devil is in the Details
Jim Robison

Great cars, great people, and great roads. What could go wrong?

The Redwood Region presented the Devil’s Gulch Rally on Saturday, August 28th. This was our second time-speed-distance (TSD) rally, not counting the practice lap after the Rally School. The route covered almost 120 miles of wonderfully winding roads in Marin and southern Sonoma County, with a start in San Rafael, a break at the Marin French Cheese Company and a finish at Mountain Mike’s Pizza in Rohnert Park.
It could have been billed as a gourmet food tour.

The weather was hot. The high temperature in Marin was 97 degrees that day, and the air a bit smoky due to the many wildfires currently burning in Northern California, but still it was a nice day for a drive. A dozen cars started the event: eleven Porsches, including two Macans, and a Mercedes Benz with an unusual hood ornament. Twelve drivers, twelve navigators, and Bernie the French Bulldog hit the road a little past 11:00.

This was our first attempt at using the Richta GPS checkpoint system. Rather than staffing checkpoints with volunteer workers, competitors load their cellphones with an app that knows, but does not disclose, the coordinates to each checkpoint. As the cars pass the CP location, the app notes the time, compares it to the expected time, beeps, and displays the error for the CP and the cumulative error for the rally. Instant feedback! I love it! And, eliminating the need for workers means rallies can have a lot more checkpoints. The Trockenbach Rallye had three conventional checkpoints. While a few miles shorter, Devil’s Gulch had 17 checkpoints. Another benefit of the Richta system is that results are instantly available on a Scoreboard app so competitors could compare their scores to others at the end of the rally. No need to wait for the rallymaster or scoring to arrive.

But as German-born architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe said, the Devil is in the details. On a TSD rally, cars are judged on their travel time between the start of the rally and each of the checkpoints. The time they are due at the end of a leg is a function of the time they started the leg. A minor detail is if the start of the leg was a “running start” or a fixed “time-of-day” start. When we were pre-running Devil’s Gulch, the start was a running start, but on rally day, the start was to be reset to a time-of-day start. A minor detail, but the Devil is… never mind! Someone (whose name is at the top of this article) forgot to change the start type from running start to time-of day start. Just a click of a button was all that was needed, but that detail was overlooked. The error was discovered Sunday, raw data was downloaded Monday, and by that night, corrected results were distributed to all contestants.

To end on a happier note, rallies are an excellent way for 4-door Porsche drivers to compete alongside 2-door Porsche drivers. Devil’s Gulch offered a trophy for the best 4-door Porsche, and two Macans entered the event and finished 6th and 7th out of 12. How long until a 4-door Porsche takes home the first-place trophy?
On another happy note, we are attracting rallyists from other PC Regions. Of the 24 people running Devil’s Gulch, 6 were from the Sacramento Valley Region, 4 from Golden Gate Region, and 2 from Diablo Region.

My favorite road on Devil’s Gulch was from Fairfax, over the hill, across the dam, over the other hill, and down to Bolinas. The only problem is that to get to the road, you must go through downtown Fairfax. Not that I have anything against Fairfax; it’s a nice little town. But it is a less-than-ideal rally route, and you must get through it before you get to this great road. I think the Richta GPS checkpoint system will be like Fairfax-Bolinas Road. It will be great once we get there, but first we must get through a less-than-ideal learning curve.

Our next rally will be the Oktoberfest Rally on October 9th, with a Brauhaus finish location. Save the date.
Porsche Punchline
Overheard at the Devil's Gulch Rally:
"I'm only here for the cheese."
Board Meeting Minutes
Rick Duste

Board meetings are held on the last Tuesday of every month at 7 PM. Meetings are open to all members. We have returned to in-person dinner meetings at Mary's Pizza Shack in Novato. You can also join the meetings via Zoom from the comfort of your own homes. Please see our calendar link at for details.

You can read previous Board meeting minutes here.
Membership Report & Information
Tom Short
Membership Director

In August 2021, 29 PCA Redwood Region members marked 5 or more years in the club, including 3 members with over 40 years! We also had 1 member with over 30 years, and 3 more with over 20 or more years.

Congratulations to all of you for such long-term loyalty, and thank you to all who are marking anniversaries – I hope you are enjoying your membership, and taking advantage of all the great benefits our club has to offer!
In August we welcomed 11 new members, and 1 transfer, Scott Roesling from Diablo Region. You will all be receiving a complimentary Redwood Region name badge shortly. If you’d like to order a name badge for your associate or family member, check out our website for full details and instructions.

New Members August 2021
If you spot any errors or have any questions about membership please feel free to email Tom .
der Marktplatz
Wheel-O-Rama: Need some wheels???
Fuchs Wheels
Excellent Condition
No road rash
Original paint and clear coat
Fuchs wheels
16x6, 16x7
Cup1 Rims
Made in Italy
7 1/2x17, 8x17
Off a 1987 Porsche Targa No curb rash, some scuffs 

Please contact George Nostrant if you are interested in any of the above items by clicking on his name or call 707. 695-2402.
Fantastic Freebies
S muffler, seatbelts, door panel, airbags, air filters for air cooled 911, and more...
Please contact George Nostrant if you are interested in any of the above items by clicking on his name or call 707. 695-2402.
Got web skills?

We need 'em! Redwood Region is looking for a new webmaster to take over updating our website. Commitment is a few hours a month and the rewards are working with a great team of other volunteers that help keep this club moving forward. If you're interested, please contact Stacy.
Got something to sell? We'll post it for free. Send us details and a picture by the 5th of the month to be included.

der Sponsors
Porsche Marin

When you want the best selection and prices on new, used and pre-owned Porsche vehicles, Porsche Marin offers exactly what you’re looking for. 911, Boxster, Cayman, Cayenne, Macan, Panamera and more.

Mill Valley
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We are revamping our Redwood Region Goodie Store because PCA National has ramped up their webstore. Don't worry, you can still buy Redwood Region branded merchandise to show your club pride!
Please patronize the PCA Webstore at and look for the drop down menu option for Redwood Region.
About der Riesenbaum
der Riesenbaum is the official newsletter of the Porsche Club of America, Redwood Region, encompassing Del Norte, Humboldt, Lake, Marin, Mendocino, Napa, and Sonoma Counties. This publication is intended to inform Club members about Club activities and other related matters of interest. 

We encourage letters to the editor, feedback, questions and suggestions about our newsletter and the Redwood Region in general. Want to contribute to the newsletter?Submit photos and articles about Club events or related activities. Please submit your entry by the 5th day of the month for inclusion in that month's newsletter. Articles received after the deadline will be considered for the next month's newsletter. The editorial staff reserves the right to edit all materials submitted for publication.

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Lisa Davoren
der Riesenbaum Editor
Porsche Club of America, Redwood Region