President's Message
Ben Davoren

November 2022 President’s Message
Another great October has come and gone in Redwood Region. I was fortunate enough to participate in both the last-of-the-season Autocross up at Thunderhill (winning my class for the weekend despite 6 months of cobwebs!) and our first-ever “No Drive Social” at Bear Republic Brewery, both of which were smashing successes. My favorite event, however, was our Annual Meeting (and the drive to get there) on the 8th. It was really satisfying because we had a wide range of newer members coming to hang out with the older members, and my sense is that that leaves our club in caring and capable hands for the future. It was also bittersweet as I realize that, like this column, it represents the end of my two years as your President.
There’s more about that drive and the lunch later in this month’s dR, but for now I just want to congratulate our incoming Executive Council leadership on their election to office for 2023. See Secretary Gaines’ column for all the details. Thank you for voting!
There are two more chances this year for us all to enjoy what our club has most to offer: great and friendly people! First, our yearly Event Planning meeting will take place on Tuesday November 29th at Mary’s Pizza Shack (you know you’ll be tired of turkey leftovers by then) in Petaluma at 7 pm, in lieu of our regular board meeting. This is your chance to come up with a great idea of your own for 2023 and get it onto the calendar! Like our usual monthly meetings, dinner is always on the club – you just pay for your drink (Zoom will also available if you wish to attend remotely). Please see our calendar link for details.
After that, we will have our Annual Holiday Party on Saturday December 10th. This year welcomes a new venue, the Rooster Run Golf Club in Petaluma. With the rock and roll band Void Where Prohibited playing after dinner, we will have another great time together swapping Porsche stories and making new friends. And dancing. We’ll also have a Toys4Tots bin looking to be filled; please bring a new, unwrapped toy with you to the party.
The new Board will take good care of the club and I strongly suspect incoming President Vern Rogers (who has done this gig before) will be planning a One One Fun Run to get our beautiful cars off to a great New Year start.
It’s been my privilege to help lead this dynamic, diverse PCA region into new territory over the last several years (even if some of the new territory was forced by COVID). Please support your Board members as best you can, and don’t forget to give me the “double flash” with your headlights when you see my Sapphire Blue Carrera heading your way!

Annual Meeting
Ben Davoren

I had a sleepless night on Friday October 7th thinking about the things that might complicate our first-ever outdoor Annual Meeting the next day, although the weather was not one of them. For whatever reason, that first Saturday of October (when the Blue Angels of Fleet Week are here) is always glorious, and this year did not disappoint. The 18 Porsches that gathered in the Warm Springs Dam Recreation Area parking lot for the 84 mile tour to our destination were greeted with sunlight and crisp fall air. Those that chose Jim Robison’s 44 mile Run for the Money gimmick rally option from Petaluma had some fog to contend with, but we all ended up in truly spectacular warm sunlight dappled across the checkered tablecloths in Chenoweth Woods’ redwood grove.
There, we were welcomed by member owners Rex and Jill Simmons, brother Charlie Chenoweth, and our caterer Randy Apel setting up the appetizers including on-the-grill oysters, bread, crackers, and cheese. To everyone’s delight, Charlie generously brought out at least six different and outstanding Chenoweth Vineyard wines (Chardonnay, Rosé, and Pinot Noir) for us to sample.

As I had promised for the last two newsletters, getting there would be half the fun, and speaking for the coastal tour group, the drive exceeded expectations. After a challenging start that required convincing a two-car caravan in front of us to let us pass as a group, the 35-mile set of twists and turns that is Skaggs Springs Stewarts Point Road was completely unimpeded all the way to the intersection with Highway 1. There, the fog was dancing off the coast just far enough for us to see the surf and the tremendous cliff formations that make Highway 1 such a treasure. We came in and out of fog banks before turning up Timber Cove Road to drive back in the sun, up above the fog line along the spine of Fort Ross and Myers Grade Roads, before plunging back onto Highway 1 to our biobreak at Jenner.

After a bit of musical chairs in two parking lots straddling the coastal route (thank you sweep Greg Maissen for making sure we all were together before the next part of the drive), we swapped leaders so that Rex could bring us home through Guerneville down to Green Valley Road and the Chenoweth Woods. Parked in a giant horseshoe formation, the beautifully colored Porsches sparkled under the towering trees providing a magical, quiet setting.

By the time you read this, the ballots will all have been received for the election of our new Executive Council. Our terrific candidates Rona Stefani (Treasurer), Eileen Gaines (Secretary), Sharon Neidel (Vice President), and Vern Rogers (President) got to introduce themselves as the main highlight of the meeting portion of our event. I am proud to have been on the EC for past four years, and this was definitely my favorite Annual Meeting. 

Next year, don’t be put off by the title; come and join us! The “meeting” part is short and uncomplicated. The food, the drive, the friends, the setting, and the memories will last a lifetime. Remember, it’s not just the cars, it’s the people.
Kurt Fischer regaling his audience.
Everyone enjoying Randy's food and Charlie's wines.
Have you ever seen a Porsche like this one before?
The cars are resting in the shadows of the Redwoods. All photos by editor
Lady Drivers Lunch Run
Sharon Castle Rogers
Redwood Region and GGR Dual Member

This event was two firsts for our club as far as I know. First, we had an all female drivers run and secondly, we had a co-region driving event with the Golden Gate Region. It all started when Judy Maggiore from the GGR spoke with Lisa Davoren and asked her if Redwood Region would be interested in participating in an all-Lady Drivers lunch run, and that her region had put one on last year, and it was a terrific success! Well, that was a big yes from Lisa. Lisa brought me over to talk with Judy, and the next thing we knew we were making plans…. In an early foggy morning on the 3rd Sunday in October, the ladies met up at Peet's in the Northgate Mall. We had 30 cars, 9 Lady Drivers from our Redwood Region with the rest of the ladies from the Golden Gate Region plus 1 media car with Gilbert Bouzeid, the touring director for GGR, bringing up the rear. Of course, many of the co-pilots were men who assisted with directions. 
One might think that women don’t have a lot of experience on the twisty backroads. I’m here to say that the two first groups of ladies certainly had a spirited drive. I led the 3rd group out, the Relaxed group, made up of ladies for whom this was their first backroads drive group. Rona Stefani, our Treasurer was one of those ladies, but by the time we got to the halfway stop, she asked if she could move up to the next group in front of us, and she did. When we finally met up at lunch Rona had a big smile and a gleam in her eye. She said that the drive was a vigorous challenge, but she felt very accomplished for staying up with the leaders in the group and that she couldn't wait for the next ladies’ drive. Now that’s a suggestion that I believe we should do more of: Backroads Ladies' Drives for the women in our club to have more driving opportunities. Ladies let me know if you have an interest in participating in the future. A big thank you goes to Sharon Neidel for patiently being the sweep in our relaxed group. 

Till next time, 
Sharon Castle Rogers
stacyo headshot
Stacy O'Connell
Autocross Co-Director and Communications Director

Our second and final autocross of the season was held at Thunderhill on Sunday, October 23. Similar to our May event, this was a Zone event with SVR hosting on Saturday. See Collin's Zone 7 report below for all of the results. Overall it was a great day with lots of seat time and a unique "enduro" format which means you go around the course not just once, but twice. And yes, if you hit cones on the first pass, they carry all the way through!

Our Sunday event included a dedicated core of Redwood members: me, Drew Powers, Ben & Lisa Davoren, and Rick Duste. The weather was a real change of conditions; usually Thunderhill is just plain hot, but this time we had cool temps and winds not quite strong enough to blow over anything critical, but trying to!

If you haven't ever autocrossed, or haven't in a while, we'd love to have you come out next year! We'll set you up with an instructor to ensure you know exactly how the day works, and you'll be out there competing for times and avoiding (or hitting) cones in no time. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions and I'll be happy to walk you through the ropes.

For our 2023 season, we'll likely have two weekend dates again with SVR at Thunderhill and, hopefully, we'll get a date or two for a more local event at Sonoma Raceway. We'll keep you posted here and on social media as we discover more.
Cars parked at the motel in the morning ready to go!
What 7 acres of pristine pavement looks like from the command trailer.
The cones are where?
Stacy and Drew getting us all started!
Paying close attention at the drivers' meeting
Non Driving Social
Sharon Castle Rogers
Redwood Region and GGR Dual Member

The First Non Driving Social
I had the idea to have a non-driving social where club members could just hang out and get to know each other, so I brought it to the Board. They agreed I could go ahead with the event.

So, I reserved the Tiki Outdoor Patio at Bear Republic in Rohnert Park for the evening of
October 20 from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM for our first mid-week non driving social. We were all so pleasantly surprised by the very nice turn out. People arrived at different times. There was a lot of greet and meet. Our volunteer hostess for the evening was Karen Sherman who did a lovely and gracious job greeting, checking everyone in and putting them at ease. We had some new folks join in as well as many of our wonderful board members and regular members. Everyone accomplished using the QR codes with their smart phones to order food and libations.

Judging by the many compliments on the way out, all had a good time. The best part was that there were no introductions, speeches, rules to follow or pictures to pose for. It was suggested that we continue having socials every couple of months. Maybe we will see you in January?

Till next time,

Sharon Castle Rogers
Bobby's Bericht
Bobby Cole
Redwood Region Member

The Porsche Design sub-label brings the signature minimalistic design flair of the German automaker to create everything from watches to earbuds, electric bikes and leather jackets. The products are not cheap, but it’s a way to bring the beauty of Porsche into your life without shelling out five or six figures. The company’s latest product is a $240 meat cleaver. The Porsche Design meat cleaver features a blade crafted of rustproof Japanese Pure 301 stainless steel, and an ergonomic stainless-steel handle. The only embellishments are a metal nub that marks the end of the handle and a handful of black stamped graphics. The blade itself is almost seven inches long, and the knife weighs in at 11.2 ounces. At the time of writing, the cleaver is sold out. It flew off shelves faster than the top speed of a 918 Spyder but may restock soon.
Porsche is adding new options for those wishing to buy its cars online. The Porsche Car Configurator has been completely redesigned and now offers numerous new functions and views. Users can now pre-order customer-configured cars online, too. The new functions will initially be rolled out in Germany and will be launched in Spain and Portugal in the coming weeks with other markets to follow. The new generation of the Car Configurator is now even more intuitive and offers a noticeably enhanced experience including expanded views of the vehicle in even higher quality and with more backgrounds. Almost all options are now visually represented in real time, from the different variants of the design packages to details such as decorative stitching. Thanks to the new functions, this new technology will now include customer-configured vehicles as well, which can be pre-ordered from the desired dealer directly in the Car Configurator. The sale is then finalized at the Porsche Centre.
Forty years ago, many car drivers learned a new term: Cd value (coefficient of drag). When the new Audi 100 was launched in 1982, the manufacturer presented it as "the most streamlined production sedan in the world," its Cd value of 0.30 impressive by the standards of the time. The fact that the aerodynamic drag of vehicles had suddenly become a selling point was due to the oil crises of 1973 and 1979, which had occurred just a few years prior. Aerodynamic drag plays an important role in fuel consumption, especially at higher speeds. A vehicle’s aerodynamic drag is determined by the product of its frontal area and Cd value (The latter indicates how streamlined a geometric shape is.) Drops of water come close to the ideal because they are round at the front and have a long taper at the back. Their Cd value is a mere 0.05. The Opel Calibra came in at 0.26 in 1990, and ten years later the Audi A2 boasted a value of 0.25. With Cd value of 0.22, the Porsche Taycan is miles ahead in terms of aerodynamics.
TAG Heuer and Porsche are celebrating five decades of the Carrera RS 2.7, the first 911 model to carry the Carrera name. TAG Heuer has selected two of the 27 vivid colors that the 911 Carrera RS 2.7 was offered in to recreate the branded livery that ran along the side of the pure white cars and the new individually numbered limited-edition chronographs. The Blue Edition is offered with both a fabric Porsche strap and stainless-steel bracelet, while the Red Edition is secured on a red alligator strap with gold pin buckle. Both pieces are powered by TAG Heuer’s chronograph movement with 80-hour power reserve and a custom winding rotor taking the form of Porsche’s three-spoke steering wheel. The TAG Heuer Carrera Porsche RS 2.7 watches are available now, priced at approximately $6,900 and $22,200. Time is money!
Porsche is testing vibrating cars as the automotive industry looks for ways to make EVs more aerodynamic which has led to some weird solutions. Among the methods being tested to make vehicles move through the air more efficiently, the University of Stuttgart is investigating making a whole car vibrate. “We are examining whether it is possible to reduce the Cd value at certain points in the car body by systematically introducing vibrations,” said Professor Andreas Wagner, the chair of the automotive engineering program at the university. “If you introduce a defined pulse into the flow around the car using speakers, its separation behavior can be influenced.” “A good Cd value can be achieved in different ways. If you want to optimize the rear end, for example, you can change the rear lid height and the diffuser in the underbody,” says Marcel Straub, Porsche Engineering's lead engineer in aerodynamics and thermal management. These methods won’t mean that all EVs start looking the same aerodynamically. Porsche’s research will allow it to become better at making efficient vehicles that allow its designers more freedom, not less.
Extra pickles? Hold the mayo? Global Motorsports Group has been tuning race cars for over 20 years, and they will build a Porsche just for you. GMG arranges to meet you at their shop at The Thermal Club, a motorsports facility near Palm Springs. So, they interview people before they even spend one dollar. They ask, ‘What are your goals? What are you trying to achieve?’ They don’t need to set up your car for racing if you just want to take it out on a track day once or twice. There are certain things that they like to do to all their cars though. They’ll do a suspension setup, lower the car, give it a little more aggressive alignment, and they like to always go with the roll bar and harnesses to keep you safe. You can drive better that way, because you’re not holding on to the steering wheel when you’re going around the corner trying to stop yourself from slamming into the door panel or the center console. The Global Motorsports Group 992 GT3 starting price is $206,100, including the vehicle price and all GMG performance upgrades. Soda and fries are extra.
Porsche's Newest Electric Models Have Two Wheels. Porsche may not be the first company one thinks of when they envision e-bikes, but with help from e-bike maker Rotwild, these two-wheelers are no less Porsche than a Taycan. Now, Porsche claims its next innovation will take everything good about the Taycan and apply it to e-bikes. The new e-bikes will be available in two distinct configurations: Sport and Cross. The Sport model is more suited to road use and commuting, and it features integrated "Supernova" lighting in both the front stem and the back seat post. The Cross variant is more akin to a traditional mountain bike, which includes suspension components from Fox. Both e-bikes are powered by a Shimano supplied EP-8 electric motor. The Sport retails for $11,750 and the Cross will go for $9,500 when both model reach dealers later this fall.
The new Porsche 911 GT3 RS has completed the 20.8-kilometre Nordschleife of the Nürburgring in 6:49.328 minutes – 10.6 seconds faster than the current 911 GT3, recording the fastest lap time for a normally aspirated car. That’s a lifetime in the racing world. In addition to the high-revving naturally aspirated engine with racing DNA and intelligent lightweight construction, it is the cooling and aerodynamic concept that allows this road-legal high-performance sports car to take full advantage of technology and concepts from motorsport. At 177 mph, the GT3 RS achieves 1896 pounds of downforce. Andreas Preuninger, Director GT cars said, “Considering the far from ideal conditions, with a strong headwind on the long straight of the Döttinger Höhe and cool asphalt temperatures, we are satisfied with this time. The 911 GT3 RS is setting new standards for aerodynamics and the chassis. Never before has a road car embodied so much.”
The Porsche 911 Carrera T is back. Intended to be an affordable, performance-minded model focused on driver engagement, the 2023 Porsche 911 Carrera T boasts weight-saving traits and performance-focused hardware. Along with a $118,050 starting price, the 911 Carrera T comes as a rear-drive coupe with a backseat delete and manual gearbox. The PDK dual-clutch automatic and rear seat re-installation are no cost options. The Carrera T's other weight-saving traits include thinner glass, a smaller battery, and a standard seven-speed manual transmission, all of which Porsche says contribute to the T being 100 pounds lighter than the regular Carrera. Either gearbox pairs with the same twin-turbo 3.0-liter flat-six as in the regular Carrera. Every 911 T has a mechanical limited-slip differential with Porsche's torque-vectoring system and comes standard with the brand's active suspension (a.k.a. PASM) with specially tuned dampers. Another optional feature on the T is rear-axle steering.
At Porsche's recently launched Porsche Vehicle Documentation website, owners can now order the Porsche Production Specification, a document detailing the history of the specified vehicle, even when decades old. For anyone restoring an old Porsche, wanting it to be as original as possible, Porsche has a new online service makes it easy to determine when the car was built, how it was originally specified, and where it was first delivered. All that is necessary is the VIN and $125. For $500, owners can order the Porsche Classic Technical Certificate. This option includes an inspection of the vehicle by a technical expert at a Porsche dealership. In this way, owners will be able to determine whether original parts have been replaced. This is particularly important for those keen to have matching numbers for engines and transmissions. The inspection covers the exterior, interior, drive system, underbody, and suspension, and includes photos that are compiled with the relevant information in a detailed summary. Such a document could be essential to secure a car's maximum value at resale time. Anyone with a 2019 or newer Porsche can receive the original window sticker via MyPorsche for free.
According to a new report from UK’s Auto Express, Porsche is testing a new Taycan with a tri-motor configuration like the Tesla Model S Plaid. Last year, Tesla brought its then brand-new Model S Plaid to the Nürburgring track and beat Porsche’s record with an impressive 7:35.579 lap. Earlier this year, Porsche brought a Taycan back to Nürburgring and beat Tesla’s time by two seconds to again claim the fastest lap record for a production series electric car, but not without controversy since the automaker used a Taycan equipped with a new “performance kit” that is only available in Germany and only for the 2023 model year Taycan Turbo S sports sedan. Porsche and Tesla have built up a rivalry between the Taycan and Model S, and now the German automaker is reportedly looking to take the rivalry to a new level with a tri-motor Taycan to compete with Tesla Model S Plaid according to this new report. It’s not clear when the new tri-motor version of the Taycan will hit the market, but it will be interesting to see if it pushes Tesla to have a response when it does.
Porsche Design turned an exhaust pipe From a 911 Into a premium sound Bar. The German design studio has just unveiled the limited-edition 911 Soundbar 2.0 Pro. The audio device isn’t just named after Porsche’s most famous model, it is made from the exhaust system of the current 992-generation 911 GT3. The 2.1.2 virtual surround sound system has 300 watts of system power and 4K-compatible HDMI ports. It also features Bluetooth 5.0 and Dolby Atmos DTS-HD, and works with both Apple AirPlay 2 and Google Chromecast. If you’re interested you’ll want to pre-order the soundbar soon. Porsche Design’s website makes clear that the speaker is “strictly” limited to just 500 examples. They don’t come cheap either. The 911 Soundbar 2.0 Pro is available for $12,000.
der Scheinwerfer
Mike Siemsen
New(ish) Redwood Region Member
My daily driver is my work truck. 2020 GMC Sierra Diesel.

My fun car is a 2017 Porsche 911 C4S!
The looks of the 991.2 and the fact that all models in the 911 lineup were now turbo is what sold me on a new Porsche at the time.
This is my second Porsche. My first was a Grand Prix White 1989 Carrera Cabriolet.
 (see photo above)
I joined the club for access to organized drives. Looks like fun.
My passion for Porsches came at a young age. My mom’s boyfriend at the time had a 1974 911. Bright yellow. I used to wash it for him just so I could study the car. The shape of it, the curves. I was like 11, but I always had a soft spot for the 74-89 model 911. 
When I was 18-19 years old, I was toying with the idea of buying a motorcycle. Of course my Mother was having an absolute fit over that idea. So I was offered that same ’74 yellow 911 to drive for a summer. I jumped at that offer. I had some seriously fun times in that car. I sold that car for him sometime later. I always wondered the fate of that car…

Flash forward to 2008. I was finally in a financial position to purchase a used 911. At this time the prices hadn’t gone through the roof on the air cooled models yet. I found one in Arizona: a white cabriolet. I wasn’t looking for a cabriolet, it was just the one that came available for the year 911 that I wanted: the last model year of that bodystyle with the wider wheels, G50 trans etc. I did every bolt or upgrade to that car to update it: fuse blocks, shift bushings, upgrade A/C, ECU chip etc. I also did the L.E.D. tail light bulbs, the retrofitted headlights that Audette does. I even fixed the VDO clock. I drove that until I sold it to buy the C4S that I have today. Two totally different cars, but I love them both.
In the Zone
Collin Fat
Zone 7 Representative

National Executive Council Elections
You should have recently received a ballot in the mail for the election of the 2023-2024 PCA Executive Council nominees. The nominees are: Aaron Ambrosino, President, Ron Gordon, Vice President, Todd Benz, Secretary, and Richard Strahota, Treasurer. You can find their candidate statements in the October Panorama starting on page 126. After serving PCA on a national level for nearly 20 years, 3 board members will be stepping down, Cindy Jacisin, Executive Vice President, Caren Cooper, Past President, and Craig Kugler, Treasurer. I would like to personally thank the 3 EC members who are stepping down for their years of service to PCA. Under your leadership, PCA has thrived. Tom Gorsuch will continue his service on the executive council as Past President.

Upcoming National Event

UnStock is being presented by PCA National as a gathering for modified Porsche cars and will be held on November 13, 2022 in Burbank, California. Organizers expect more than 125 modified Porsches to be on display. If you would like to display your car go to: for show car registration. There is no fee for spectators.

October Zone 7 Concours Events
October was a very busy month with 3 concours events scheduled. The first event on October 2nd was hosted by Redwood Region at the Sonoma County Plaza in downtown Sonoma. Due to concerns about large gatherings and Covid, the original site at Ledson Winery had a change of heart about hosting the club for this event. Not to worry, Concours chair Kurt Fischer got moving and was able to secure the Sonoma County Plaza location. Though the site was restricted to only 40 cars total, the event was sold out and provided a beautiful back drop for the carefully prepared Porches that signed up to be judged. Participants arrived before sunrise to secure their display parking and start on the finishing preening of their cars. This included a thorough wipe down of the exterior, cleaning of the windows, detailing the wheels and a final inspection of the interior prior to the start of judging. Awards were handed out to all first-place finishers in their class, and second and third place finishers were acknowledged by the crowd for their efforts.
Porsches on the Sonoma County Plaza
Jody Rosner, SVR, putting on the finishing touches
David Bunch, Vern Rogers and Joe Burroughs
The second concours event of October 16th was hosted by Diablo Region at the Blackhawk Museum in Danville. There were 43 cars registered to be judged and an outstanding turnout of over 55 cars that registered for display only. The display included 13 40th Anniversary 911s resplendent in their GT Silver exterior and special badging. There were also four 40th Anniversary Editions registered to be judged in the concours. I think that this assembly of special edition Porsches was a unique occurrence for any region in PCA! The morning was overcast and quite chilly, but when the judging started, the sun broke out and temperatures warmed. A big thank you to all the participants and special thanks go to Marc Giammona and his volunteers for a great event and of course to Porsche Livermore for their sponsorship.

The last concours event in October will be held on October 30th after this column was submitted for publication. It will be the last Concours in the Zone series that consisted of 7 events. I will report on the event in my column for December.
The final concours event of the season will be held at Porsche Fremont and hosted by Loma Prieta region. It will be held on Sunday, October 30th. Look for reporting on the event in my December 2022 column as well.
40th Anniversary Editions and their owners. Linda McMahen prepping her 911
Zone Autocross Series Update

The final two autocrosses of the Zone 7 series were held on the weekend of October 22nd and 23rd at Thunderhill Raceway Park in Willows, California. Sacramento Valley Region hosted the event on Saturday with 45 cars competing for top time of day, personal bests and Zone 7 year end awards. The competition was quite fierce in several very competitive races with drivers competing for coveted year end awards. 3 drivers in PO5, 3 drivers in PO6 and 6 drivers in PO P04.

Top time of day was held by Monty Pack who had strategized a tire management scenario to make sure he still had enough tread on his Porsche GT3 to get through the two-day event. He took 3 runs and had secured the TTOD with a time of 36.646 as well as class win. Not to be outgunned, Drew Powers competing in P04 and in second place most of the day, claimed top time of day on his final run with a time of 36.453. It was a hat trick and no doubt influenced by Drew’s exceptional driving skills. Finishing out the top five times of the day were Rem Marinus driving his 2015 Porsche GT3 with a time of 36.880, Dave Dunwoodie driving his 2016 Porsche GT4: 37.222 and RJ Harrison driving his 2012 Carrera S with a time of 37.489. A great day of friendly competition with fabulous fall weather and clear skies.
R.J. Harrison at the start
Dominique Wainwright approaching start
The final autocross of the Zone series was hosted by Redwood Region and held on Sunday. It featured essentially the same course as used on Saturday, but in the opposite direction with a few modifications to allow the drivers to run an enduro-style autocross. Two laps around the course! There were 41 drivers competing under very cool fall weather with temperatures running in the low 50s in the early morning and not getting warmer than the mid-60s in the afternoon with a moderate northern wind blowing for most of the day. Drivers got 3 runs in the morning followed by 3 in the afternoon. Not to be outgunned again, Monty Pack continued his season-long dominance securing the top time of day with a time of 75.708 followed closely by Drew Powers with 77.035, Brant Ballantyne with78.623, RJ Harrison with 79.088 and John Leet with a 79.200 rounding out the top 5 fastest drivers of the day.
Caevon Hakmaty at start

Monty Pack crossing the finish with TTOD
Himanshu Patel, GGR AX Chair and his big smile

Drew Powers Hoping to catch Monty
2023 Shasta Region Zone 7 Tour

The Shasta Region is once again offering its 4-day, 900-mile Tour. This will be the sixth year for the Tour and it sells out every time. Mark your calendars for next year's event:  June 8 - 12, 2023.
Registration Opens at MotorsportReg on February 1, 2023 at 7:00 am sharp. You cannot register before then, though you can peruse the details, conditions, requirements and vehicle standards at any time on this link.

Save some time and create a Motorsport account in advance (if you have one, just review it for accuracy). It's simple and shouldn't take long. 
There are two steps:
·     Hit <Return>
·     Choose "Sign In" and "Create a free account." This will ask you basic demographic questions including make, year and model. 
·      Type in your email as your Username and choose a Password, write it down.
If you want to look at the Tour details, you can do so at any time using the link above.
PCA National Upcoming Events
Spring Treffen will be held in the Georgia Mountains (touring the Southern Blue Ridge) from April 19-23rd. If you have not yet attended one of these national premier events it is a do not miss opportunity to attend a Treffen. Registration opens January 4, 2023. Check out the details in advance using the link.
Parade 2023 will be held at the famous 5 Star La Quinta Resort in Palm Springs from June 18-24th.

This promises to be one of the premiere locations for a Parade on the West Coast.
Rennsport Reunion VII will be held at Laguna Seca Raceway in Monterey on September 28th to October 1st, 2023.
Advance ticket and corral passes are currently on sale. If you have not yet booked your hotel accommodations now is the time to secure your lodging at the best price.
Rally Report
Jim Robison
Rally Director

Run for the Money
You have a small business visiting your customers at their homes, or the parking lots where they work, and washing their Porsches. You enjoy the work and have a lot of customers, but with the constant running around from customer to customer, and with all the related driving expenses, you wonder if you are actually making a profit or possibly losing money. You decide to record your income and expenses in a “profit and loss statement.”
That was the introduction that greeted participants in Run for the Money, the gimmick rally tour alternative leading to our annual membership meeting on Saturday, October 8th. 
The rally started in the Deer Creek Village shopping center in Petaluma, home to Mary’s Pizza Shack and our monthly board meeting. 
The route instructions were clear and direct, with no route-following traps or gimmicks.  A working trip odometer was all that was needed to identify the turns, stay on course, and avoid getting lost.  One car even did quite well without a resettable odo by adding the rally miles to their stock odometer reading. As I mentioned last month, rallying is all about overcoming adversity.
The short 44-mile route featured the scenic country roads of west Sonoma County, but with a twist. Rather than hitting checkpoints on time, contestants watched for specific road signs and recorded their “monetary value” on their profit and loss statement scorecards. It kept them very busy, as there were 87 valid signs along the route, plus maybe 100 more that were not on the official “watch for” list.  And, of course, doing all this while following the route instructions and not missing any turns or running into redwoods.
Each team began with $500 and then earned money or paid expenses as they encountered the signs. Speed limit signs were welcome as they indicated money earned. “Speed Limit 40” meant that they earned $40. There were 37 speed-limit signs ranging from $15 to $55 each. Other ways to earn money included selling Porsche repair books, selling used tools, selling used race tires, and selling annual car-wash subscriptions.
Unfortunately, there were also lots of opportunities to spend money. Turn warning signs, such as a bent arrow and “25 MPH” meant that you bought $25 worth of gas. There were 25 such buy-gas signs, ranging from $15 to $50.” “Road Narrows” and “Slippery when wet or frosty” resulted in “repair body damage” expenses; six of those were along the rally route. “Flooded during storm” “Subject to flooding” and “When flooded turn around don't drown” all resulted in “Repair water damage” expenses.  My favorites were “Radar enforced” and “Speed enforced by radar” which were encountered 5 times, each with an expensive speeding ticket. But the rallyists finally found “School bus stop ahead,” and purchased a radar detector, resulting in no more speeding tickets after that.  Not all expenses were so painful. “End school speed limit” allowed the teams to donate to the school sports fund and “Sonoma County line” allowed for another charitable donation, and that always gives one a warm feeling deep inside.
The contestants could earn up to 87 points by finding all the signs. Paul and Rona Stefani took first place with 84 points, followed by Don Nohai and Ann Marie Trione with 83 points, and Jeff Hall and Rick Duste in third place with 81 points.
Annual Rally Survey
We conducted a short survey of 200 people who have attended past redwood Region rallies, asking what they would like in 2023. The response rate was a little over 25%. Here’s a summary of the results.
1. Plan to enter a future gimmick rally: 46 of 53 respondents, or 87%.
2. Plan to enter a Monte Carlo rally: 43 of 50, or 86%
3. Would like a beginner’s level Monte Carlo: 36 of 49, or 73%.
4. Would enter an experienced level Monte Carlo: 31 of 50, or 62%.
5. Would enter a two-day rally like Twin Pine: 26 of 48, or 54%.
6. Would enter a night rally: 17 of 52, or 33%.
7. Would enter a dirt-road rally: 7 of 52, or 13%.
8. Prefer a Saturday rally: 28 of 53, or 53%.
9. Prefer a Sunday rally: 13 of 53, or 25%.
10. Prefer a mid-week rally: 12 of 53, or 23%.
Later this month we will be meeting to plan our 2023 events.  Please contact me if you have any particular rally requests or suggestions, or would like to rallymaster an event.
40th Anniversary 911s at Diablo Region Zone 7 Concours
vern rogers headshot 2011
Vern Rogers

2004 was the final model year of the 996. It was also 40 years after the 911s were first imported into the US. Porsche built 1963 cars to commemorate this anniversary. Each car received a special plaque on the center dash denoting its number within the group. All vehicles came stock with the X51 Performance Kit (for 345HP), M030 sport suspension, factory limited slip differential, GT Silver paint, turbo style front bumper, GT3 side skirts, one-of-a-kind polished aluminum wheels, and full leather interiors in natural gray. These were and are fabulous sports cars, amazing on the backroads, fabulous on the track and comfortable enough to be a daily driver. 100% came with 6 speed manual transmissions.
Fans of this car have created and maintain the 40Jahre 911 Registry as well as the Porsche 911 40th Anniversary Edition-Owners Facebook group. Information on the vast majority of 40AE cars (worldwide) and their owners are tracked through the Registry. 
Eighteen (or more) of these unique vehicles live in Northern California. The NorCal members have made several attempts to get a group of the cars together over the past year. We tried a lunch at Bear Republic Brewing in Rohnert Park, as well as a Sonoma/Marin backroads drive, but could not get more than 4 cars together at one time.
Through the efforts of various registry members and especially John Martin (Diablo Region PCA member) we had high hopes of getting 11 individuals to show up for the October 16 Zone 7 Concours at the Blackhawk Museum in Danville. To our great surprise and delight 14 cars and their owners attended. Diablo Region President, Brian Adkins, got approval for us to stage our cars in the museum courtyard. BIG thanks to John and Brian!! We all had a blast!
All photos courtesy of Vern Rogers
Porsches and the Top Gun Movies
Craig Steele
Past President

I served as a Photojournalist 3rd class PO in Vietnam from 1969-71 aboard the USS Hancock CVA-19, an Aircraft Carrier. I have always been a big a fan of the Tom Cruise movie: Top Gun. You could not help noticing that the actress in the movie was driving a Porsche 356 convertible. When that movie came out in 1985, it was a big boost to my patriotism and serving my country. It was one of my favorite flicks to watch, and the music was constantly selected in my top road tunes during my long distance adventures. Now, there is a long-awaited sequel that came out in April 2022. Also, there is another girlfriend, Penny Benjamin, and she has a 1973 Porsche 911 Carrera S. Sandy, my wife, and I immediately headed for the theater to watch the new movie. It was a great representation of naval aviation and the naval crew that supported the whole operation. We both thought it was thrilling, stunning and authentic. However, not until I visited the 2022 Tailhook Convention in Sparks, Nevada in September 2022, did I really understand why I like the second movie better than the first one. 

The Tailhook Association was celebrating first the 100 years of U.S. Carriers. I have personally made two arrested landing and four catapulted takeoffs on an aircraft carrier, riding in the propeller driven COD aircraft. I attended a panel discussion of Naval Aviators discussing their various roles in re-writing the Top Gun Maverick script.
Capt. Brian "Chaser" Ferguson represented the Navy side and brought with him lots of talented career naval leadership including Cmdr. "Walleye" Weisser. Walleye is known as Blue Angel #6 and is known for doing 500 knots speeds at 15’ off the ground, blowing up guard shack roofs with an Admiral (Ed Harris’s role) being jet washed by Walleye's F-18. The panel characterized the spirited dialogue between Paramount Picture Producer Jerry Bruckheimer and the US Naval Aviation team. The naval officers charged as advisers stressed that they would not compromise Navy core values, but Paramount was not interested in making a documentary. To make it work, cooperation was needed, so all scripts had to be approved by the Navy Air boss and the movie’s storyline had to be authentic. This film was finished in 2019 and delayed for release until April 2022. 
The Top Gun Maverick Aerial Coordinator was Kevin LaRosa II, a second-generation pilot photographer. He flew the Cinemajet, a special photo platform for photographing fast aerial sequences as well as smaller jet planes and helicopters. The camera used in the filming recorded clearer images and color resolution better than any previous cameras. The movie had one rule: "every shot had to be in the camera" (all action had to be captured behind a lens). That’s why these movies' aerials look so real: because they were. No Computer-Generated sections were duped in film except to clean up minor areas to look more authentic. Kevin received the 2021 Tailhook Award of the year for his aerial photography on Top gun Maverick. Now I am training to be docent at the USS Hornet Museum, sharing the Tailhook stories I heard at the convention and driving my Cayman S back and forth to the carrier. 

The final article in this series will appear in the next newsletter. Please stay tuned.
Holiday Party
Don't miss our Holiday Party this year conveniently located in the middle of our region at the Rooster Run Golf Club in Petaluma. We will have a live band, Void Where Prohibited, and the club not only pays for your corkage if you bring your own wine, but has generously underwritten some of the food costs to keep the per person price down to $75.00.

Registration is open until December 6th! Register early to be assured a spot!
Board Meeting Minutes
Eileen Gaines

We have concluded our annual election for the 2023 Executive Council of the Redwood Region PCA.

Pursuant to the Bylaws I, as current Secretary, and outgoing President Davoren, as a member not running for elective office, have reviewed the official voting results.

With 92 ballots cast, we have the following members of the Executive Council for the upcoming year:
Please join us in welcoming this team to our council!

If you’re interested in joining the next meeting via Zoom, send me an email and I will send you the meeting link.  

Membership Report & Information
In October 2021, 30 Redwood Region members marked five or more years in the club. One member celebrated 53 years! Two others have been in our club for 48 and 47 years! We had one member with 37 years, and five more with over 20 years.
October Anniversaries

In October we welcomed 11 new members into our club and 2 members transferring in from other regions.

You will all be receiving a complimentary Redwood Region name badge shortly. If you’d like to order a name badge for your associate or family member, please check out our website for full details and instructions.
If you spot any errors or have any questions about membership please feel free to email the membership director.

New Members October 2022

Transfers October 2022
der Marktplatz

Indoor storage for 2010 997.2 4S
Safe, dry and accessible garage highly desired 
located in Mendocino or Sonoma counties

Our 911 would love to share some space with like-minded (road-tripping) friends. 
Contact David with any leads or available space offers.
Redwood Region
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