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Time to be together again! Fingers crossed for 2022 opening gatherings, encounters, meetings. 

Let´s shake it to shape it! Our environment, businesses, lives, the whole ecosystem has been shaken. We don’t know yet the shape of the answers for the coming future, but we know it is already here! The summit will bring together people from around the world, exploring what is in transformation towards the future, in generative conversations, connecting professionals and society promoting relations, using the visual language.

Bilbao 2022 Visual Thinking Global Summit will contribute to co-create a bridge connecting ideas and initiatives through visual language. Interweaving work with contributions of public and private sectors and using visual practices to develop and improve their own practices.

Find more information here!

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New MeetUp group for U.S. San Francisco Bay Area Practitioners

Announcing a new Meetup group for San Francisco Bay Area facilitators, visual practitioners, and design thinkers, and those with ties to the Bay Area.

Check out the Bay Area Visual Practitioners and Design Thinkers (BAVP) Meetup group: https://www.meetup.com/bay-area-visual-practitioners/. And join us for our first event -- -- SoulCollage for facilitators and design thinkers with the amazing Laurie Durnell on February 16 at 5:30 pm PT. Please share this information with other Bay Area colleagues and those with ties to the Bay Area!


OLS - JOURNAL JAM: Vaporize your Inner Critic!

Thursday, February 24, 2022

11am CT/12pm ET

You want to be more creative! I know, I know, you think visually for a living, and random strangers are constantly telling you “you’re so creative!”, but YOU know you that you’re not nearly as creative as you want to be… as you could be, if only…. 

  • You had the confidence to pursue your own dreams (it’s so much easier to produce when it’s for someone else!)
  • You could get past the resistance to working on your own projects (client deadlines are impossible to ignore, but self-made deadlines? … hmmm, let’s go refill my markers instead…) 
  • You had the energy + inspiration to develop your own ideas (it’s hard to have the energy for your own ideas when you’ve been drawing someone else’s all day!) 

Creativity is your Superpower – to envision and create the life and world you want to live in—for yourself and those you care about. To fully access it you need:

  • a deep, trusting relationship with your creativity
  • to be in right relationship with your Inner Critic
  • and an easy, energizing creative play practice that “fills your well”

Visual Journaling is an excellent way to do all three! That’s why it is Katherine’s foundational creativity tool and practice. But the irony is that before you can make your journal a welcoming, replenishing haven, you need to get your Inner Critic out of the journal itself!

Join Creative Catalyst + Journaling Crusader Katherine Torrini for a lively and informative hands-on Journal Jam, where we'll kick your Inner Critic out of your journal --and your life--so you can use more of your superpower for what YOU are here to cause and create. Because the world needs what you long to do – and your world needs you, doing that work. 

Besides, it will get you unstuck and is always a blast!


  • Name and Tame your Inner Critic (with my favorite Inner Critic “Kryptonite”)
  • Learn how Inner Critics work – and start to be in right relationship with yours
  • Make an Inner Critic Puppet you can talk back to next time it’s in your face 
  • Experience the energizing and rejuvenating power of creative play
  • Get Unstuck about a project/ideas/ you’ve been wanting to pursue
  • Fill your well!


  • Journal/blank book
  • Small (lunch-sized) paper bag
  • Markers 
  • Inner Critic Profile Template (pdf– will be provided)  

February 24, 2022 @ 12 pm ET

Madrid, Spain - 6pm CET

London, UK - 5pm GMT

Berlin, Germany - 6pm CET

Sao Paulo, Brazil - 2pm BRT

Buenos Aires, Argentina - 2pm ART

Mexico City, Mexico - 11am CST

(please plan for a 2 hour session)

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Katherine Torrini, Journaling Crusader

Artist, Creativity Coach and Graphic Recorder & Facilitator, Katherine Torrini has been putting her life down in blank books since she can remember.

Her "3-pages-a-day" journaling habit began more than 18 years ago and has evolved into the incredibly passionate, playful and inspiring creativity practice that she teaches in her foundational My Juicy Journal course. This deceptively simple back door into creativity lights up all those who try it! Because creativity isn’t just a “nice-to-have”-- it is a key to health, happiness, and personal +professional success. 

www.creativecatalyst.com @teamcreativecatalyst @ktorrini

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