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The World StartUp Cup 2016 is three days of highly interactive events including the first WECREATE Summit, Executive Directors and Organizers will be sharing personal stories and lessons on the challenges of growing women empowerment communities and how they are changing mindsets and overcoming cultural barriers. There will also be receptions and cultural events planned throughout the city.

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Connecting with Pakistan,Silicon Valley, Zambia,Morocco StartUp Cup and WECREATE Family  
The Global Entrepreneurship Summit  2016

StartUp Cup leadership, StartUp Cup organizers and WECREATE teams from around the world were active participants in the 7th Annual Global Entrepreneurship Summit at Stanford University, in Silicon Valley, California. Secretary of State, John Kerry recognized the impact of our WECREATE Centers and President Barack Obama highlighted commitments to promote entrepreneurship as a driver for economic growth, social inclusion, and secure communities.

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The Story Behind Airsave Africa StartUp Cup 2nd Place Winner

"In Africa roughly 90% of the population are unbanked..." Read more about Henry, Africa StartUp Cup runner up, & CEO & Founder of AirSave

StartUp Cup Academy Flight I Graduates joined by Sean Griffin in Cap Throwing 

"Being Yourself is the Place of Power" 
StartUp Cup C.E.O and the WECREATE Co-founder, Sean Griffin delivers an inspiring speech during the 15-week StartUp Academy Flight I Graduation Ceremony at the WECREATE | KENYA Nairobi Center. 

Silicon Valley StartUp Cup kicked off their Fifth Annual StartUp Cup Challenge with an Extreme Build-A-Business Workshop during #GES2016. This highly experiential, mentorship-driven program is designed to visually facilitate participating entrepreneurs through the universal steps required to design, test and build a viable business.

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A nnouncement of top 12 finalists for the WECREATE Challenge Competition

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Schmooze Event themed 'Entrepreneurial Mindset", the Assistant Secretary Bureau of African Affairs Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield interacted and engaged with local women entrepreneurs.

Ghana StartUp Cup Challenge winner 2015 Emi-Beth Quantson, features in local TV show "Meet the Boss" 

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WECREATE hosted a Google Hangout featuring entrepreneurs from our Centers in Cambodia, Kenya, Pakistan and Zambia, sharing how  women are revolutionizing the world

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Applications for Kenya StartUp Cup Business Model Competition 2016 are now open! 

This 24 week program will enable applicants to undergo a rigorous evaluation of their business models, mentorship and coaching.

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Uganda Startup Cup gears up for the Uganda StartUp Cup Challenge 2016

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WECREATE I CAMBODIA  hosts their 20th Build-A-Business Workshop, which is geared towards expanding business ideas, learning how to design a business model, and identifying solutions that accelerate revenue growth.

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WECREATE |KENYA launches StartUp Academy II 
WECREATE KENYA   launches the StartUp Academy II, which consists of weekly interactive business-building sessions. Each weekly session is lead by a collection of local business-building mentors trained by  StartUp Cup   who share their expertise with tailored solutions that support local new business creation. 

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StartUp Academy offers tailored solutions that support local new business creation
Kim Thida Kallyaney, founder of Rumdoul Fashion and StartUp Academy Flight I Graduate  WECREATE I CAMBODIA , shares her experience and encourages fellow women entrepreneurs to visit the  WECREATE I CAMBODIA   Center.

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WECREATE Challenge Business Model  Competition  to be hosted at the WECREATE | KENYA Center

Women entrepreneurs  who compete in the WECREATE Challenge are rewarded for turning their idea into a viable business model, going to market quickly, testing assumptions, and modifying their business model as they learn what drives customers and revenue.

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