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Starting Strong: Social Justice Director Beckie Masaki's Exit Transition
Remarks from our Executive Director, Chic Dabby
Join us in wishing Beckie the best as she makes this transition! If you have a message or words of support you'd like to convey to her, please send them to us at, and we will make sure they are passed along. 
Colleagues and Friends:
'Building Beloved Community', 'Finishing Strong' 'Gathering Strength', 'From Margin to Center'... these are powerful ideas we so deeply associate with Beckie, our amazing movement leader, cherished co-founder of the Institute, and our inspiring co-director and social justice director. It is with mixed emotions that I write to let you all know that Beckie has decided to 'start strong' on a different path as a team leader of BRIDGE (Building Relevant Infrastructure to Develop Global Equity) and an independent consultant. Her last day will be June 30 2018.
It was just recently that Beckie described her thoughts about taking this step - and suddenly we were having a conversation on exit transition, and dates, and now I'm writing this email. It's quite emotional. And I'm flooded with awe and sadness, and Beckie's infectious optimism. Awe at a bold decision, sadness at her departure, and optimism because Beckie will stride out and keep inspiring our movement!  
Beckie has so many gifts anchored in a bedrock of her values: a lifelong investment in caring and advocating for survivors and Asian and Pacific Islander communities; a deep analysis of gender and race that guides her advocacy; extending community to the marginalized; holding steady to a vision of powerful movement-building and leadership development; pioneering work on culturally-specific domestic violence related homicide prevention, language access, culturally and linguistically specific programming, serving survivors of trafficking, calling out homophobia and transphobia in the DV field, incubating new organizations, drawing in community groups to engage in organizing, collaborating with and training multiple systems from child welfare workers to family court judges, and designing a blueprint for the Institute to become a national resource center/clearinghouse on violence against API women and contributing to its strength and reputation.   
Beckie, you are at the center of our hearts as you embark on a new journey!