Compliance Checks on
Bars & Restaurants
Starting Today
APPLE VALLEY CHAMBER NOTE: This morning we received a notice from the MN Dept. of Health which states that starting TODAY, they will be conducting COMPLIANT CHECKS ON RESTAURANTS, BARS and LARGE GATHERING PLACES SUCH AS BANQUET HALLS. Establishments risk fines and/or losing their liquor licenses. They will be checking both employees as well as customers, social distancing, masks, Covid 19 Restaurant Plan etc. They also plan to make violations public. See complete notice below.
Message from Minnesota Department of Public Safety (DPS), Health (MDH) and Labor and Industry (DLI) Leadership

As you know, Minnesota businesses are required to follow federal and state guidelines to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and ensure the safety and health of their employees and their customers. Most establishments are following federal and state guidelines, but it makes it difficult for them to compete or to explain to their customers when other establishments are not in compliance.

We owe it to the establishments that are following the guidelines to address these issues of noncompliance. We all need to do our part to help slow or reduce the spread of COVID-19, which will allow businesses to remain open and set our schools up for success. That’s why Minnesota public safety and health officials will conduct increased compliance checks at bars and restaurants throughout Minnesota in the coming weeks, beginning August 28.

Teams from the Minnesota Departments of Public Safety (DPS), Health (MDH) and Labor and Industry (DLI) will visit multiple establishments each weekend. These visits will focus on compliance with Executive Order 20-74, Executive Order 20-54 and Executive Order 20-81, which promote public health and address worker safety and health during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This additional enforcement effort is in response to concerns that have been raised by compliant establishments and customers about places where people gather without complying with requirements such as face covering requirements, adherence to social distancing, tables less than six feet apart and establishments serving to more than 50 percent capacity.

What establishments can expect
  • Investigators with the DPS Alcohol and Gambling Enforcement Division will specifically be looking for employees and customers violating mask requirements, adherence to social distancing, tables less than six feet apart, party size limits of four per table or six if immediate family members, signs communicating face covering requirements, reservation protocols, employee health screening protocols and establishments serving to more than 50 percent capacity. Violations could lead to fines or loss of an establishment liquor license.
  • MDH is working in conjunction with DPS and DLI on these investigations. Findings of noncompliance may result in MDH ordering the establishment to close or issuing fines. In addition to these increased compliance efforts, MDH continues to investigate complaints regarding violations of executive orders in hospitality businesses, which may also include closure of the establishment and fines.
  • DLI is also working with DPS and MDH on these investigations. Noncompliance that presents potential worker safety or health hazards will be referred to Minnesota OSHA Compliance at DLI. Minnesota OSHA will assess referrals and determine how to best respond, including conducting a workplace investigation which may result in citations, penalties or temporary closure orders.
  • A summary of the findings will be publicly available.
  • Businesses in Minnesota are required to create and implement a COVID-19 Preparedness Plan that follows guidelines based on their specific industry. Plan templates and guidelines can be found at the Stay Safe Minnesota website.

If you have questions about these compliance checks, contact the appropriate state agency.
  • Minnesota Department of Public Safety Alcohol and Gambling Enforcement Division, call 651-201-7510.
  • Minnesota Department of Health: For questions about COVID-19 and guidance for businesses, call 651-297-1304.
  • Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry: For workplace safety and health questions, call Minnesota OSHA at 651-284-5050 or email

We want all students to be able to attend school in person and our businesses and institutions to remain open. But, establishments that allow large groups of people to gather in unsafe numbers and disregard safety precautions, such as not practicing social distancing or requiring masks, pose a risk to those goals. We are asking you to reinforce these measures with your members and encourage them to comply with the executive orders listed above.

John Harrington, DPS Commissioner
Jan Malcolm, MDH Commissioner
Roslyn Robertson, DLI Temporary Commissioner
JUST 4 Days Left To Apply!
Deadline is 8/31/2020
City of Apple Valley / EDA Small Biz Grant
Only 20% of the $400,000 available funds
have been applied for so far.
PLEASE APPLY NOW for these grants up to $10,000. These ARE NOT LOANS
and do not need to be paid back.
You must apply by 11:59 pm
on Monday August 31st, 2020.
Grant Overview
The City of Apple Valley recognizes that many businesses have been impacted by COVID-19. To assist businesses, the City of Apple Valley has allocated $400,000 in funding for small business grants up to $10,000 from the City's CARES Act allocation. The program focuses on funding physical improvements made by businesses to remain agile and adaptive during this time.

Grant Amount
A business may apply for a one-time grant award not to exceed $10,000. The applicant may only be reimbursed for a cost directly caused by COVID-19. Applicants may request funding at any amount between $500 -$10,000, based on demonstrated costs. Requests shall be in whole numbers to the nearest $100.00. Only one application per business is allowed to be submitted.

Applications open on-line on Friday, August 21. Applications close end of day, Monday, August 31. Applications will be reviewed September 1- September 9. Notification of Award and requests for additional information follow on and after September 10. The City and EDA retain the authority and discretion to approve or deny an application. It reserves the right to subsequently add further priorities, change eligibility criteria, or discontinue the program in response to changing circumstances, particularly if funding remains available after initial awards.
Program Requirements

Eligible expenses must be:
  • Incurred at the Apple Valley business location – Improvements and PPE are required to be made in/at Apple Valley businesses. Businesses are not required to utilize Apple Valley contractors, suppliers, or materials
  • Incurred as a direct result of COVID-19 (not a planned or budgeted expense) and the applicant must provide an explanation of why the expense is COVID-19 related and will certify that the expense was not a pre-budgeted expense
  • Substantiated with receipts or other documentation

Applicant businesses must:
  • Be located in the City of Apple Valley
  • Have a physical location in a Commercial, Industrial, or Institutional zoning district
  • Have 50 or fewer full-time employees (also known as full-time equivalents or FTE)

The following businesses are ineligible for the Apple Valley Small Business Assistance Grant Program:
  • Businesses not located in Apple Valley
  • Businesses that have revenues which exceeded $1.5 million in 2019
  • Non-profit organizations which are not 501C 3 or veterans organizations
  • Home-based businesses; those without a physical location established in the allowed land use districts (Commercial, Industrial, Institutional)
  • Businesses who are not making physical, PPE, or other improvements to their Apple Valley location. 
  • A direct benefit for the Apple Valley location of a business must be established. 
  • An applicant narrative will allow for additional explanation.
  • Financial institutions 
  • Publicly traded companies
  • Businesses that derive income from passive investments; real estate transactions (except that realtors and other realty related businesses are not categorically excluded); property rentals or property management; billboards; or lobbying 

What are Eligible Expenditures?
The Apple Valley program is prioritizing physical improvements to a business property. Examples of eligible expenditures are below. 
  • Building improvements,
  • Equipment and furnishings
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE), physical barriers, pandemic safety additions
  • Sanitizing supplies
  • Signage
  • Employee training
  • Transition to online sales, e-commerce, digital enhancements, servers, equipment, website
  • Printing
  • Advertising
  • Supplies needed to restart operations

All grant recipients shall be required to indemnify the City of Apple Valley, Economic Development Authority, and any officers acting on their behalf.
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