Attitude Is Everything
Starting the Week Off Right
January 4, 2021
Good Morning,

Every day is not going to be an end results day. To often we hear: “What did you do for me today?” Our stock market and particularly the computers driving many of the buying and selling programs look for small ups and downs in the markets rather than trends. They, too often, pay too little attention to potential. We have become a short term results society. We don’t have the time nor patience to develop a plan, implement it step by step and nurture it until time for the final results.

Building a house takes a lot of planning and patience. There are steps one needs to go through starting with a developing set of plans. This means deciding what we want the end result to look like. We need to estimate costs, obtain financing, and select reputable contractors, all of this before a shovel of dirt is turned. Even after construction begins, things do not necessarily go smoothly. Materials arrive late, the weather shuts down construction, or a contractor arrives late. If we never lose our vision of the beautiful home we wish to liver in and persevere, the dream will be realized.

Back to the garden scenario. We must plant the seeds, we must water them, nurture them, fertilize them, prune them and, yes, kill off the bugs all the time looking forward to the harvest. It is always amazing how that giant watermelon grows from that itty bitty seed.
As we begin 2021, start by spending the time planting. Plant good, high quality seeds. Make time to take care of those that sprout and never lose sight of the harvest you seek. Yes, as they say, success usually comes disguised as hard work and that starts with planting its seeds.

Happy New Year,