Attitude Is Everything
Starting the Week Off Right
May 3, 2021
Judge Success by the Results

Not the Promises.

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Good Morning,

Today, we hear too much: "I would have but ---" followed by a litany of excuses reasons why it didn't happen. "Well, I, at least, thought about it" is not success.

Success in any endeavor, small or large, is achieving the results. It can be as simple as washing the car, completing a college course, or losing the weight we keep telling ourselves we needed to take off. It can be as complicated as starting and making successful that business we had always planned on starting.

Each of us has our own vision of success and what it is. It, for sure, should not be someone else's vision thrust on us.

It takes "sticktoitiveness" regardless of obstacles and the voices of naysayers. It overcomes excuses and is often disguised as hard work.

We live in a society with far too many excuse makers and blame layers. We need more people who are results oriented, willing to rise to the occasion and drive onward toward success, as they perceive it.

What is your own personal vision of success? You have it in you to make it a reality. Take no excuses. Make no excuses. Just do it.