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When Opportunity Knocks - - -
Will You Open The Door?
- Unknown-

Jim Seymour



Life is full of opportunities.  Unfortunately, too often we don't answer the door when they knock.
We rationalize how we aren't qualified.  We say later as we are too busy right now.  We fear we might fail.  Maybe we are more comfortable with the door closed, continuing to do what we have always done, even if we are unhappy or unfulfilled doing it.
Although during our lifetime we will be presented with many opportunities, each only knocks once. If we ignore the knock, it will move on. Lost opportunities will never come again.  I know, I have missed many.  We all have.
The message is a simple one.  Be open to opportunities.  Look at each and make an informed decision as to whether each is right for you.  Be willing to answer the door.  Better to say no than not having the chance to, at least, take a look it.