Attitude Is Everything


       Starting The Week Off Right




Buck Up Bucko.
Suck It Up Buttercup.
- Unknown -

Jim Seymour



Good Morning,
It seems like every day we hear stories about feelings being hurt. It seems like we have entered an era of super sensitivity.  None of us are allowed to say, do or think anything that might be perceived as negatively impacting anyone.
I'm in no way saying we shouldn't consider how we might impact others in how we handle situations.  I am speaking to how we handle those situations thrust upon us. People will be inconsiderate, some deliberately and some not.  In today's world, successful people need to develop a thick skin and emotional strength.  We need to know when the best course of action is to just let it pass and when it is in our best interest to stand up and defend ourselves.
Many people are looking for recognition.  The get it if they goad us into reacting.  If we are able to ignore it and treat it as if it never happened, they get bored and move on.  Let's not be offended at every turn.  Let's keep our eye on the goal and act in a manner that will make sure we reach it.