Attitude Is Everything
Starting the Week Off Right
August 24, 2020
Good Morning,
How about we all start our week by pledging to be happy, not just for the moment, but all week. Happiness comes from within. Others, no matter what they do, can not make us truly happy. We may sense a short term euphoria but it will not last.

Happiness is being thankful we are alive. It is enjoying the moment. it is,every day, being totally amazed at God's creation and that we have the privilege of living in it and enjoying it. Most mornings, I enjoy walking the beach shortly before dawn and seeing the sun peak over the horizon, the birds waking up and flying or the wind blowing. I have even enjoyed a pair of ducks who regularly stand on the beach facing east waiting for the sun to rise.

For all of us, from time to time, things will get us down and make us feel totally frustrated. The key is to keep in mind the old saying "This too shall pass". We need to be reminded of the happiness we have experienced in the past, and then look forward to the happiness that will come once the current issue is over. We all have cloudy, dreary rainy days. They come with life.

I am dealing with a couple of, what I would call, truly unhappy people. Like little children, when things don't go their way, they put up a fuss and make threats endlessly. Seems likethey are only happy when they are making the lives of others miserable. So sad to see people that unhappy. We really can't do anything about their unhappiness. Appeasing them only emboldens them. We must, however, not allow them to pull us down to their unhappy level.

Let's think happy thought as we begin our week and make it our goal to, no matter what faces us, to overcome the negatives we face and, as Bobby Mcferrin in his 1988 song sang;

"Don't worry, be happy".