Attitude Is Everything
Starting the Week Off Right
June 7, 2021
Good Morning,

We all need encouragement, no matter our age or place in society. We need people to believe in us and are willing to help us along the way. In today's society, way too often, we hear about all of the things people are doing wrong whether it be our politicians, our communities, our neighbors, and many times, even our families. We are led to believe that they have absolutely no redeeming qualities.

It is all too easy to complain about the things others are doing wrong than it is to support them, get involved and help them along the way. Too many children grow up with absentee parents. They learn from their schools or, worse yet, their friends on the street when they really need someone to encourage them, many times, by example to do the things and act in ways that will make them successful adults.

The need for encouragement doesn't stop at adulthood. Maybe it is a serious illness, loss of a close family member or career setback. Adults doubt their value or, sometimes, even their reason for living. Many times, simply, being a listening ear is the most effective way to encourage. People really want to feel that someone cares about them.

Maybe we should ask: "Am I an encourager or a discourager. What do I find really encourages me? What do others do that really discourages me? Treat others the way you wish to be treated. You will be amazed.

Lets, each of us, be an encourager, helping those whom we come in contact with. Many times a simple and sincere "You can do it" or "How can I help" or the listening ear will go a long way. Far better than the many negative and demeaning words and actions that are so prevalent in today's society.