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Starting the Week Off Right
August 10, 2020
A Promise Made
Is A Promise Kept!

(At Least It Should Be.)

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Good Morning,
The moral to this story is simple. Don't promise what you can't or aren't willing to deliver.

In today's society, promises are too easily made without any thought about their consequences. It seems that making commitments and honoring them are dirty words.

Wedding vows are not taken seriously. Contracts and insurance policies have numerous hidden clauses and exclusions that make the promise sound good but are unenforceable if one party or the other wishes to not honor the promise. Advertising promises miracles in the first 30 seconds and then provides us with 60 seconds of fast talking disclaimers we can almost understand. Lawyers make their living looking at ways for people to break their contracts. Many people make any promise necessary to get what they want, and then back out, either before they are required to fulfill their part or when doing so may be a little difficult or uncomfortable.

How about we go back to the old adage "My Word is My Bond". Let's not make a promise unless we are willing and able to honor it. Remember the wedding vows: For better or for worse, in sickness and in health, until death do us part. For contracts, etc, "death" may be a bit much but "for the life of the contract" or until a new one is negotiated may be in order.

We can't do much about others when it comes to promises. We can make sure we keep the promises we make. We don't just say it to make others feel good or get our own way. We make sure we know what we are promising, their consequences, and our commitment to honoring them no matter what happens in life.

Have a great week.