Attitude Is Everything


       Starting The Week Off Right



If at first you don't succeed - - -
Try, try, try again
- Thomas H. Palmer in his Teacher's Manual -

Jim Seymour



Good Morning,
Each one of us has a different definition of success.  To a small child, it may be walking.  To someone with a major injury it may be walking again.  It may be political, business or spiritual.  It will change as situations change throughout life.
Regardless of what the definition of success might be, most times, it does not come easy.  We all make mistakes along the way or drift off course.  Like the child learning to walk, we fall down.  The key is to pick up the pieces, get back on track or, even, if required, start all over again.

In life, there will be failures.  Rather than quitting, pouting, or blaming others, we need to press onward better known as try, try, try again.  Perseverance and a word we don't hear very much "sticktoitiveness" pays off, believe me.

The message is simple:  If it is important, don't quit.  Instead, try, try try again.  It is amazing what can be accomplished.
Have a great week.