Attitude Is Everything


       Starting The Week Off Right



Secret to Success:
Spend less time talking
more time doing.
- JFS -

Jim Seymour



Good Morning,
Talk is cheap.  We hear politicians endlessly talking about everything they are going to do for us and how, if they are elected, they are going to make our lives so much better. At reelection time, they tell us how others kept them from accomplishing but ,now, if reelected, they will really make it happen.

Many of us tend to do the same thing.  We talk about the things we are going to accomplish whether it be taking a vacation, starting a business, helping out the needy, taking an active part in our community, or, even doing things with our kids.  We tend to talk more and take action less.

Just think what could be accomplished if we spent as much time doing something about it rather than talking about it.  "Some day I' going to - - - " accomplishes nothing.  Taking action and making it happen does.

Let;s all spend spend less time talking and more doing.

Have a great week and accomplish much.