Attitude Is Everything


       Starting The Week Off Right


Jim Seymour



Good Morning,
Throughout our lives we have been told: "Practice Makes Perfect".  We are told to do it over and over until we get it just right and make no mistakes.  This is, indeed, true to a point.

The critical thing is knowing what perfection looks like and slowly working to get there.  Too often, we practice what we are doing the same way we have always done it.  Take golf for example.  We can be be great at duplicating a particular swing.  We will do it over and over.  If we are not doing it correctly, we only become experts at doing it wrong.  Every time we tee off, the ball goes the same distance with the same hook or slice.

We need to know what perfect looks like.  We need to recognize when we are not there and, rather than consistently doing it wrong until we do it wrong perfectly, work toward that perfection, making the necessary adjustments until we achieve it.  This usually requires someone else to take an unbiased look and advise (coach) us.  It also takes our willingness to listen and act.

Yes, practice, practice, practice but, do it with improvement rather than perfection in mind.

Have a great week.