Attitude Is Everything
Starting the Week Off Right
September 20, 2021
You have the ability to do anything
and be anybody
you really want to be.
Good Morning,

Each of us is endowed by our Creator with far more talents and abilities that we can possibly put to use in a lifetime. Why, then, are we told and, believe, that we can't do "IT", whatever our particular "IT" is. We are told we can't because of our social class, religion, ethnicity, education, neighborhood we grew up in. We are told in person or via the media that there is no use trying. The world is stacked against us.

Take a look around and don't believe everything you are told. There are many successful people from every one of these groups who overcame all of the so called obstacles they were told would keep them down. They believe in their abilities and know that through hard work and a willingness to overcome obstacles they can accomplish that which they truly desire.

Let each of us, believe in, not only our own abilities but that of our children, grandchildren and others whom we regularly come into contact. Encourage them. Tell them not to believe everything they are told by society. Set a positive example for them, and provide opportunities for their success.

We already have too many people who do not believe in themselves. All of us possess great talents if we just believe it and use them.