Attitude Is Everything


       Starting The Week Off Right



Jim Seymour



Good Morning,
Our country was founded on the principle that all citizens can and should participate in their government, some as leaders but most of us as voters, those who choose the leaders.
This depends on an informed electorate, people who study both the issues and the candidates which are on the ballot.  This does not mean listening to the ads on TV, drawing conclusions from them, and voting based only on what we hear.
If I listen to all of the ads, I would have to draw the conclusion that all candidates are totally evil and all issues not worthy of my support. Listening to them, for the most part, I have no idea what any really stand for and what they wish to accomplish. All I hear is how bad the opposition is.
Today, with the internet and a little time, we can do our research and learn what the ads don't want to tell us. We can use that thing between our ears called a brain to learn and then decide whether this person or this issue is one we wish to support.
An example that stands out to me is the issue here in Florida regarding casinos. It is promoted as letting the voters decide on whether a casino can be built or not. Sounds good, right? As I dug deeper into it, I saw that a majority of the voters in the entire state would be required for one in my little county. Most voters 500 miles away care less what goes on here. They are concerned about their little area. If it were voters in a specific radius, it could make sense. It is nearly as bad as someone in Washington DC telling me how to live my life.
Take a little time. Understand both the issues and individuals on the ballot. Make your choices based on fact. Vote as if our democracy depends on it. It does.