Attitude Is Everything
Starting the Week Off Right
September 21, 2020
Good Morning,

Some of the happiest people I know have never been famous and have never had a lot of money. They, in fact, do not even focus on themselves. They have spent their entire lives, mostly in little ways, helping others down the road of life. Their names will never be on the side of large public buildings. They will not be featured on the 6 PM news. They don't care. They may be spending time listening to someone in the time of need. They may be volunteering, without fanfare, at a local charity, or even a community board. They may be just show and promote a pleasant and uplifting demeanor.

Too often, we and society for that matter, measure success by the money we take home or have in the bank. We measure it by the size of our house, cars, or trucks. We focus on our status in the organization or the elected office we hold. Advertising focuses on that new and fancier car, that larger more opulent home or far away exotic vacation. As we go through life, many of us realize that money is spent, jobs and political positions go away, cars rust out and exotic vacations become distant memories.

I am not putting down success and successful people. We just need to make sure that success comes from helping others and not walking all over them working our way to the top. As Paul Motz, friend of mine when I worked at General Motors used to say "Be careful who you step on on your way up because they'll remember you on your way down." True success in life is not how famous we are or how much money we die with. It is who we have helped as they travel the road of life.