Attitude Is Everything


       Starting The Week Off Right




Procrastination is like a
credit card.
It's a lot fun until you get the bill.
- Christopher Parker -

Jim Seymour



Good Morning,
The temptation to put things off is always there, particularly if we are busy or these things are unpleasant, difficult or no fun.
Things like going to the dentist, studying for an exam, dealing with an underperfoming employee, planning f0r retirement and beyond or, maybe repairing something on or homes. easily come to mind.  I'm sure each of us has our own personal list.
They are easy to avoid, focusing on things we would rather do.  Like it, or not, they will not go away.  Eventually we must face them and, when we do, the price of facing them later than sooner is much higher. A new crown rather than a cleaning, failing the test and retaking the curse, being at retirement with inadequate funds or a new roof rather than a simple repair may well be the results
If they have to be done, bite bullet, we should make them happen and then quit wringing our hands.  They are done and gone. Now we can do the things we like to do.
Have a wonderful and productive week.