Attitude Is Everything


       Starting The Week Off Right




The secret of getting ahead
is getting started!
- Mark Twain -

Jim Seymour



Good Morning,
The old saying goes "Every journey begins with a single step."  It seems so logical yet, for many, so difficult.  Excuses abound.  We all have them.  It is just that some people seem to have more than others.
Yes, life can get in the way - - - if we let it.  Much comes due to our fear of the unknown of fear of what others might think.  We may not be happy with our situation but we, at least, know it.  Change and getting ahead are risky.
Until we really believe the potential reward is greater than the risk and the uncertainty, we make excuses, justify our position and fail to take that first step until, many times, it is too late. 
If you really want to get ahead, whatever ahead means to you, get started.  Take that first step.  Most of the bad things you worry about will never happen.  Make getting ahead happen.