Attitude Is Everything
Starting the Week Off Right
December 7, 2020
The important thing is

not to stop questioning.

< Albert Einstein>
Good Morning,

Curiosity is a critical element in the advancement of humanity. The entire advancement of society, not only today, but societies past has been dependent on people thinking outside the proverbial box and asking two questions" Why? and Why Not?

It seems like, today, there is an ever increasing percentage of information all being centralized in one spot, somewhere in cyberspace. Computer algorithms seem to be filtering information that we are told is untrue and we shouldn't be exposed to. Historical facts are no longer being taught.

The old marketing training books have told us that the sixth time we hear something without something contradictory being mentioned, we begin to believe what we are hearing is fact, right or wrong. In some societies, this is called brain washing, telling people only what someone in power wants them to hear.

Today's message centers on all facets of life. We need to question everything we are told. We need to look for new or alternative solutions. We need to learn who benefits from doing things one way or another. As children, we questioned everything. As parents, we got so tired of the never ending "Why" questions for our children. In doing so, we quit asking "Why" ourselves, locking in what we believe to be true without question and busily going on with our busy lives.

We need to get back on the track of "Don't believe everything you are told." Let's do our own research. Let's dig below the sound bites and learn the facts. Whether it be understanding the real facts in a situation or the development some new and revolutionary product that we are told is impossible to do, be curious. As my mom used to say: "Use your head for more than a hat rack."