Attitude Is Everything


       Starting The Week Off Right



Jim Seymour



Good Morning,

Alexander the Great, a warrior king in Ancient Greece, was born in 356 BC.  Like many old folks we see around us, we could dismiss what he did and said as ancient history and not applicable today.

The reality is, people are people.  They are the same today as they were 2300 years ago.  Technology and conditions may change but the issues we face do not change.

Wherever we are in history, if we want to do something, we need to try.  To win the lottery, we need to buy a ticket.  If we want to climb a mountain, we need to go to the mountain and not wait for it to come to us.

Today, in the 24 hour soundbite world, it is too easy to say I can't do it or there is no way and that the obstacles are insurmountable for one person to accomplish.  Yes, it is easy to say:  I am only one person in 8.4 billion and give up.
A much more positive position is to say:  Here is what I can do and try to make it happen.  The first step in any successful journey is that first step - a willingness and commitment to try and make it happen.  Yes, there may be setbacks (taken as failures by some).  That comes with the terrirory.   Rather than give up, it is far better to try a new tactic, a new approach and go after it again.  Persistence is a part of trying.

Have a great week.