Attitude Is Everything


       Starting The Week Off Right




Wishing hoping and praying
 without action
will accomplish little.
- JFS -

Jim Seymour



Good Morning,
I wish I could - - -. I hope that - - - . I prayed for - - -, but nothing happened. These are comments I hear quite often. I'm sure you have too.
My question is - - - "but what did you do in order to make these things happen?"
I am not talking about things totally out of our control like someone else's health, a major natural disaster, or the state of the federal government. What I am talking are things that we, with the proper guidance, can do something about.
Wishing and hoping are good things as long as they are positive and used for good.
Praying is critical, particularly if it is for proper guidance and direction. The key is to listen and then take that guidance and do something with it even if it is difficult or unpopular.
Those who succeed in any endeavor do hope, wish and pray but they don't stop there. They put them into action and make things happen.