Attitude Is Everything


       Starting The Week Off Right




The strength of our relationships
is measured by
how much people can count on us.
- Michael Hyatt -

Jim Seymour



Good Morning,
I have seen this in a shorter text: "A promise made is a promise kept." "Walk the talk." or "Actions speak louder than words."
Life is busy.  Things do get in the way for all of us. Every now and then, no matter how good we try to be, we will need to break a commitment.    I am talking about those who regularly make commitments and break them whether it be a student who promises to make up an assignment but never does, no matter how many times he is reminder or a business associate who never gets around to doing what she has committed to do.  It goes to trust.
When we make a promise to someone, that person is counting on us for something.  When we break our promise, particularly, on a regular basis they begin to doubt our sincerity or our commitment.  "Oh, he is just a blow hard" or "you can't depend on her" are a couple of thoughts that come to mind 
We all need people,  It is our nature.  By consistently breaking promises, we begin to alienate the.  We become part of that "Don't count on - - - list.  It is far better to be honest and make no commitments than to make them knowing deep inside we will not be able to keep them. 
Let's all be people others can count on.  When we say it let's mean it.  When we commit to something, honor it.  Have a great week.