Attitude Is Everything
Starting the Week Off Right
January 11, 2021

Are You
Ready, Willing and Able

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Good Morning,

These are three key ingredients for success at whatever we choose to do.

We must be READY. Most things of value in life can't wait until the mood strikes. Opportunities come and opportunities go. We need to have the mindset of: "This is important, it is important to me and I am ready to act."

We need to be WILLING. This is the old Gotta Wanna. If we must be dragged kicking and screaming to do something, our heart will not be in it and we will not give it our best. Willing takes doing what is necessary, the good, the bad, and, yes sometimes, the ugly.

We must be ABLE. All of us are blessed with tremendous capabilities and we need to have that mindset. We also need to be realists and understand what we are and are not capable of doing. This skinny kid from Ohio would never have made it in football, no matter how ready and willing he was. Different opportunities require different skillsets and different passions. We just need to recognize the things we can change and those we can't.

Putting the three together, we can do great things if we are Ready, Willing, & Able to make them happen.

Have a great week.