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As Fellowship Square kicks off the Lake Anne Farewell Tour, we would love to capture YOUR stories of Lake Anne Fellowship House and its people. (Since we know walls can’t talk!) Please visit and share your stories today!
A message from our 2021 Leadership Sponsor:

Griffin Owens Insurance Group is pleased to work in partnership with Fellowship Square, not only by helping to provide insurance protection for all of their insurance needs, but by supporting the organization through philanthropic endeavors.

Griffin Owens was founded in 1981 with the husband-wife team of Chris Griffin and Don Owens. In 2020, we partnered with the Leavitt Group and now have the backing of 12 of the largest privately-held brokerages in the United States.  Offering comprehensive business insurance, personal insurance and financial service products, we are proud to serve a wide range of businesses and individuals. Since our founding in Herndon, VA, we have added additional offices in Falls Church, VA, Manassas, VA, and Clinton, MD.  
With a commitment to people, Griffin Owens/Leavitt Group values a culture dedicated to serving our clients’ needs and supporting the communities in which we work and live.  We were honored to support Fellowship Square as its 2021 Leadership Sponsor this past year for the Winter Wonderland fundraiser and look forward to continuing our support in the future.   
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A Healthy Start to 2022
On January 17th Lake Ridge Fellowship House welcomed The Fenwick Foundation Dental Program ADAPT to the residents on-site. ADAPT (Adult Dental Access, Prevention and Treatment) is an initiative focused on providing access to dental care and treatment to older adults. The Fenwick Foundation is a valuable Community Partner providing much needed services for our residents.
dentist and patient with balloons in background
Resident Rosa S. waiting patiently for her cleaning to begin. 
dentist and patient with balloons in background
Resident Nina E. smiling after the dental procedure. 
Everything in Moderation
As we embark on a new year – and fingers crossed that it’s much better than the last two – we are redoubling our efforts to address social isolation among our 800 senior residents. Even before the pandemic, social isolation was commonplace and a challenge to address. Even when offering a robust calendar of programs and events, many adults still kept to themselves and stayed in their apartment homes.

The COVID pandemic has exacerbated the problem. And challenges remain to reach every individual and encourage them to engage. One concern on the horizon is a study from the Harvard Medical School, “Rising Alcohol Use among Older adults.”
While many of us rang in the new year with a glass of champagne; studies show that some older adults turn to alcohol more and more to deal with anxiety, depression, and days when they are feeling overwhelmed. It’s understandable, but not a healthy decision.

Our staff works hard to address underlying problems that a resident may have. Getting to know our residents – and understand their struggles is the first step in being able to help them. We are compassionate and empathetic, and always provide the support and the resources residents may need to feel better.
As we begin anew for 2022, I hope you will be a part of our dynamic and rewarding mission by supporting us in some way. Make a donation – or get involved as a volunteer. We value our seniors and hope that everyone in the community does too.
Happy New Year! 
Christy Zeitz
Capital Area Food Bank
3 volunteers in matching t-shirts load a cart of items onto an elevator
Each month the Capital Area Food Bank provides perishable and non-perishable food to qualifying residents of Hunter Woods, Lake Anne and Lake Ridge Fellowship Houses as part of the USDA’s Senior Brown Bag program. We are grateful for this nutritional support!

Pictured, left to right, Ms. Xueli Z. (HW resident), volunteer Mr. Alan Payne and Mr. Heren X. (HW resident)
Man in mask standing among boxes of citrus and cabbage
Pictured above, Mr. Yong Y. (HW resident)
You Need to See …
… the progress we've made on our Lake Anne redevelopment and Hunters Woods renovation projects!
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