Dear Bright Shiny Beacon of Light,

Did you know you were born for these times? I highly recommend tuning in to this engaging interview I recorded with Dr. Mandy Simon on navigating our lives in the post-pandemic world.  
Dr Simon is a courageous, authentic, passionate leader. She is aware that our world has changed profoundly since March 2020, and provides perspectives to navigate the post-pandemic reality we now find ourselves in.  
In this interview we discuss the importance of giving ourselves permission to heal, and of shifting energetically by changing the perception we adopt. “Often people fail to recognize their own magnificence; it’s as if we’re blindfolded angels who can’t see our own power”. 
As a featured expert, I discuss my own work and how this process incorporates both our conscious and subconscious minds.
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I feel honored to be joining the amazing line-up of inspiring speakers who are contributing to this free online video series. These conversations are an honest series of discussions about how dreams become reality through the process of “being” who we are, rather than “doing” to achieve goals!
I am excited to participate in this series and know you will resonate with the strong messages available to support you. Be sure to act now and register for the entire series!