Culinary Storyteller
“For me, every bite, each taste should mean something. It should be a new experience, evoke a long lost memory, or create a reaction that is based on your mind’s ability to connect the flavor and sensory stimulation with a past experience. Being a chef is the ability to transport people through their own collection of memories…and I love it,” Chef Clint Jolly
Yucatán Bound!
In preparation for my first cooking class with Nothing To It  on Thursday, March 16, I’ll be eating my way around the Yucatán Peninsula, focusing primarily on the Gulf side. My goal is to connect the dishes I’m familiar with from the region to the cities where they were born.
Mellow Fellow Gastropub
I have been back “on the line” at Mellow Fellow in downtown Reno as their consulting chef, designing an all new menu for this gastropub! We launched the new menu Dec. 1, and have seen around a 100% increase in food sales, and 32% overall sales in the first month. I’m excited to be able to cook in a restaurant setting, which is different from food prepared for catering, and provides opportunities for changing up the food as well. Check out Mellow Fellow here .

New York Food Trifecta
In case you think I missed out – I completed the NYC trifecta: Katz Deli for a pastrami sandwich of epic proportion and authentic NY deli style rye bread, brown mustard and a Dr. Brown’s Cel-Rey with Cole slaw, pickled tomatoes and deli pickles on the side. Doesn’t get much more authentic than that! – Streetza, the best slice of pie ever found on the streets of Gotham and last but not least, an authentic New York jumbo street dog complete with poppy seed bun and old-school red sauce onions. And I even got to meet the "mayor" of NYC food...Anthony Boardain! New York City at Christmas time is a magical place at the holidays for all your senses, including the taste buds!

Taste of Yucatán to Cook at Home
Here’s a recipe for Pollo Asado, the absolute best thing I ate in 2016. Nestled in the village of Pisté, in the heart of Yucatán State, Mexico, el restaurante Los Pájaros dishes up seriously authentic Yucatán cuisine. It’s a wonderful little town that clearly caters to locals rather than tourists, judging by the wares sold in the shops and eateries. This is my twist on this fantastic dish and I think you’ll love these authentic tastes of the Yucatán as much as I do.

I’m Chef Clint Jolly. My entire life has been in the food world, having grown up in a butcher shop, learning how to properly cut meat at five and serving my own creations to customers at age 13. I am the owner and executive chef of Great Thyme Catering and have the good fortune of sharing my food vision with folks throughout the Western United States for their special events, weddings, business events, family gatherings and small, intimate meals served in your home for you and your guests. Mentoring culinary students is also a passion, along with traveling and gathering the flavors of the world, and telling my culinary stories through every bite. Enjoy!
Every bite, each taste should mean something!