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Fifteen startling statistics nobody else is reporting
Our food system is broken, your customers hear everyday in the media. But is it really? Here are 15 startling food-system statistics nobody else is telling your customers.
Do shoppers know what they know_
Do shoppers even know what they don't know?
Shoppers are often confused. We know that. But how bad is it, really? A trio of new studies shines some light on the depth of consumer misunderstanding when it comes to some important food technology and science.
Will the Supreme Court decide the cage-free issue_
Adapted from Flickr_Angel N. Some rights reserved. Used under CC BY 2.0.
Will the Supreme Court settle the cage-free question?
Nebraska joined a list of 11 other states in early December pledging to back Missouri's renewed bid to sue California before the Supreme Court over the state's cage-free egg requirements. What's the legal basis for criticizing California's welfare restrictions?
Has the push for fresh worked_
Has the push for 'fresh' succeeded?
From cooking demonstrations at this year's Nebraska State Fair to praise from online nutrition gurus, consumers have been hearing praise for eating more fresh produce for years. Has the push succeeded? Some updated numbers. 
2017 Pig Farmer of the Year from Nebraska
Columbus pig farmer Leslie McCuiston was named America's Pig Farmer of the Year by the National Pork Board early this year. Watch as she explains how good pig care begins with good people skills for today's hog-farm manager. Then, she goes into the butcher shop with Chicago meat cutter Kari Underly to break down the end product of her daily skills.  
Stop the photo madness
Self-professed most stereotypically Christian comic in the business, Jon Crist's take on the frustrations of the annual family Christmas card photo may sound frighteningly familiar. Happy holidays.
The real gifts of the gift-giving season
Kathy_s Commentary

I hope this season of holiday gift-giving provides you a moment to reflect on all the gifts we receive every day. From the volunteers, first responders and veterans who protect our country, to the farmers who grow the food that is so abundantly available to everyone, to the grocers who distribute and sell that food to families across the nation, each day offers a dozen or more miraculous gifts that have become so commonplace that we risk taking them for granted. Allow me to take this opportunity to thank everyone in those often thankless tasks who make that daily miracle happen, and to wish them and the communities they serve a safe, joyous and blessing-filled holiday season. On behalf of all of us at the Nebraska Grocery Industry Association and Farmer Goes to Market, let me wish you and yours a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year.


- Kathy Siefken, Executive Director

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