It is with great excitement that we announce the kickoff of one of our sponsored events, the 2017 Beall New Venture Competition at The Paul Merage School of Business! Open to all UC Irvine students, staff, and researchers, competitors have the opportunity to organize a team, create a startup, and potentially fund their idea all within six months.

The competition is aimed at providing students with a hands-on chance to understand and initiate a business. After forming groups, competitors will attend several workshops covering a broad area of startup development skills by experts and NVC judges to provide support to students. The winning teams are awarded  more than $100,000 in cash and in-kind awards !

But there's more going on than just the NVC kickoff this Wednesday, November 9. Later this month, UCI's schools of Information and Computer Science and Medicine are launching a two-week application development tournament, and we are hosting ANTsgiving, our first non-profit panel on November 22! For more updates, check out the news below! 

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Inside the ANTrepreneur Center
MORE to Discover with the FastFwd Competition

Remember the Fast Forward Competition? It is the first annual startup contest held by the MORE Foundation and sponsored by ANTrepreneur Center, with the purpose of bringing UCI students and members of Orange County together to learn entrepreneurial skills by competing in the commercialization of existing intellectual property.

FastFwd 2016 financial kpi workshop
Larry J. Kutcher leads a workshop on financial modeling for startups.
Over the past few weeks, competitors have formed their teams and attended workshops to prepare for presenting their implementation of augmented reality software. The past four workshops revolved around creating a company, marketing, prototyping, and making financial projections, respectively.

The financial modeling workshop on November 2, 2016, was presented by Larry J. Kutcher. As a MORE Foundation board member, and COO and president of the startup-focused business consulting firm theAdvantage, he defined the financial projection as a numeric narrative that shows "evidence of profit", and introduced the key factors and principles of making financial projections to clearly show business performance.

The presentation inspired students who joined the competition to start thinking of future revenues and expenses and making a specific financial modeling of their own projects.  "Workshops provide very broad image of how a company operates," Daniel Marcet, a UCI Business Administration major, said. "It's a great opportunity to practically use knowledge from classes that I will definitely recommend to people."

The final presentations are open to the public, and will be held at The Cove on November 17, 2016, 6:30 pm. If you are interested, please visit  for more information.
Keeping it Together at Launchpad Thursday

Do you share things? Do you let other people share things? Do you hate losing them?
Alexandra Garcia, CEO of KliqueShare, provides insights on her experiences of creating a business.

If you said YES to any of those questions, you MISSED OUT. Big time. But, it's okay! We're here to help.

Alexandra Garcia is the CEO of  KliqueShare, an app dedicated to keeping sharing accountable, fun, and free! She's a social entrepreneur who's tapped into the impenetrable "share market" and learned how to monetize it. 

She worked as a paralegal for years, but suddenly found herself on the entrepreneurial path. No matter where you are in life, entrepreneurship is a successful, viable career path -- and Alexandra exudes that lifestyle!

Last Thursday at our weekly event, she discussed how her experience with sharing clothes, jewelry, shoes, and other fashion led to a problem she noticed for years, and how she's now offering a solution: KliqueShare.

Click here to watch her talk, and come by our office for a wide variety of weekly events at the times below! 
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'Tis the Season for ANTsgiving!

Chocolatier of the Town Molds a Business of Her Own
Amy Jo Pedone, founder of Valenza Chocolatier. 
It is one thing to pursue a hobby you love in your leisure time, but the dimensions change dramatically once it becomes your full time job. Being an entrepreneur is no soft cookie and we brought in Amy Jo Pedone, the creator of Valenza Chocolatier (VC), to share how she is thriving in her hobby-turned-passion of creating exquisite chocolate delicacies.

Straight out of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Business School, Amy was content in climbing the corporate ladder until her beloved cousin, Sheri, lost the battle to ovarian cancer. Shook by the fickleness of life, Amy was forced to think about what she would do if she could start it all over. Falling in love with making cookies, and receiving constant appreciation from friends and relatives for her baking, she realized her talent. Thus, the chocolate making firm was born.

"Having a strong emotional connection to your startup is important and being authentic is even more. It easily sets you apart from the 
competition when you stick to your identity."

Amy wants VC, based in Costa Mesa, to be what she fully envisioned in her mind, and hence steers clear of or ders that might water down the authenticity of her brand. "Having a strong emotional connection to your startup is important and being authentic is even more," she stated. "It easily sets you apart from the competition when you stick to your identity."

Photos courtesy of
Valenza Chocolatier.
Although a firm believer in complete autonomy, she adds that having an advisory board is a good thing for your startup. She says that an emotional connection often prevents you from thinking objectively about many situations your startup might go through and that's when an advisory board comes in handy.

Amy has one piece of solid advice for all the budding ANTrepreneurs out there. "Be authentic! Piggybacking off a trend in the market is never good. Running a venture tests you physically, emotionally and spiritually and if you are doing what you truly love, it would be a far more easy battle."
Tips to Sharpen Your Startup
Spongebob Squarepants: Cook, Jellyfish Enthusiast,
... One Shot Businessman?

Maybe we're projecting the idea of starting business too much, but the yellow sponge of Bikini Bottom's adventures includes insights on advertising, packaging, and spending for startups. In particular, Entrepreneur Magazine contributor Carol Tice  points out the episode in which Spongebob and his friend Patrick attempt to get rich quick by selling chocolate bars.

Their first customer, for instance, works himself into a frenzy upon hearing of the word chocolate. If you grew up watching Spongebob, you probably remember him.

Yeah, this guy.
But in all seriousness, the ecstatic customer could have been easily anticipated if the pink and yellow duo properly gauged their target market's demand.

And more examples follow. If nautical sense be something you wish, read more about smart ANTrepreneurship, by learning from the one who lives in a pineapple under the sea.
Hubert's Travels!
This month, we shall observe the tyrannosaurus rex in its natural habitat.

Here Hubert seeks refuge from thousands of festival colored meteorites.

Here we see the great king of tyrants presenting what he understands to be called "swag".

Here we catch a glimpse of Hubert's immediate reaction to the phrase "what's on the midterm".

What to Know
Med App Jam 2K16 beings Today!

Med AppJam  is a two week competition that brings together computer science, engineering, nursing, and medical students to create medical mobile applications. The end of the tournament will not only see the creation of software ranging from medical teaching aids to relief center locators, but the distribution of  cash prizes totaling $3,000 !   

Hosted by the ICS Student Council and co-organized with the UCI Information and Computer Science and Medical Schools, Med AppJam 2016 will be like none other before. Applications can now be made for Android devices, meaning that the entrepreneurial environment that is available to all competitors can now include Java programmers!

The competition begins today with a kickoff from 5-7:30 pm at Donald Bren Hall 6011. Teams will be assigned based on skill and experience, so registration for programmers and medical students are separate. For more information, check out Hope to see you there!
Startup Weekend: The Business Blitz for You
startup weekend 2015 photo
Competitors from Startup Weekend 2015. Photo courtesy of The Cove.

Do you want to create a business model in a single weekend? Yes? Perfect! This November 18-20, you'll have the chance to work alongside the passionate and experienced to hit the ground running.

UCI Applied Innovation  and The Vine OC  are hosting the second annual Startup Weekend. Over the course of 54 hours, businesses will be formed and launched. Design, market validation, networking, and programming become necessary components to develop a business model and begin work. And the whole event will be topped off with presentations before local entrepreneurial leaders, the judges of the competition!

If you're interested in forging a speedy but solid business foundation, more information is available. RSVP  before Friday, November 18, 6pm (when the event begins). Competition ends on Sunday, November 20, at 8pm. Use the code "UCI" to receive 50 percent off ticket price.
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6:30 pm at The Cove
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New Vent-ure Com-petition Workshop #1 at the Merage School, 
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1 Million Cups at The Cove, 9 am

FastFwd Competition Awards Ceremony, 
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hip Summ-
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