It is with sincere gratitude and excitement that we announce our graduation from the Blackstone LaunchPad global network. Over the past few years, the generous support of the Blackstone Charitable Foundation has sparked the entrepreneurial spirit among UCI students, staff, faculty, and community. Without their vision and support, our center would not exist. 

As of September 7th, 2016, we boldly stepped out of our MVP (Minimum Viable Product in Lean terminology) and launched our independent, and uniquely branded, ANTrepreneur Center. We will continue to provide the same excellent resources, coaching, and events all under a new flag.

We look forward to an exciting future and a phenomenal new school year full of the same dynamic energy that has come to define ANTrepreneurs. Be on the lookout for some new programming and opportunities for our ANTrepreneurs. Stay tuned!!

Once again, three loud "Zots" to the Blackstone Charitable Foundation for providing the inspiration, support, and mentorship for us to begin our ANTrepreneurial journey here at UC Irvine. We will never forget your efforts on behalf of our ANTrepreneur community. 

"Zot. Zot. ZOT! Blackstone LaunchPad!"

In and for entrepreneurship,
David M. Ochi
Executive Director
UCI ANTrepreneur Center

Inside the ANTrepreneur Center
The ANTrepreneur Center is pleased to 
announce the permanent addition of our new Assistant Director, Breanna Bremer.  Breanna is very passionate about entrepreneurship and innovation, and is thrilled to be able to apply her skills in business and management to the program to promote entrepreneurship as a viable career path, and to assist students in pursuing their ventures. 

During her interim role as Assistant Director, Breanna brought a much needed new spark of energy to the programming and restructured the operations leading to a tripling of overall student involvement in just 6 months and propelling the program forward exponentially in virtually every metric. She has worked closely in coaching entrepreneurs and developing entrepreneurial programs through her work with other entrepreneurial organizations in Orange County such as Irvine's 1 Million Cups, Tech Coast Venture Network (TCVN), and The Beall Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. 

Breanna received her B.A. in Communication at UC Santa Barbara and her MBA with an emphasis in Marketing from UC Irvine (ZOT ZOT ZOT!). Breanna will be working to develop effective and engaging entrepreneurial programs and events at the ANTrepreneur Center, and will offer consulting for UCI students, alumni, faculty, and staff on their entrepreneurial ventures.

Workshop Wednesday Welcoming the Business Hungry

John Gibson, MBA and attorney with experience in business law, discusses optimal practices to avoid legal startup pitfalls.

With a great mix of MBA, graduate, and undergraduate students attending, Workshop Wednesday is definitely our most diverse event yet. Students from various backgrounds have come together to hear from experienced entrepreneurs. 

From world record holder of sit-ups and founder of many great companies such as Success4Teens, Bill Morris, to founder and CEO of Youngry, Ash Kumra, there has been a plethora of knowledge shared to our students. Our speakers have covered particular subjects such as incorporating your company and understanding legal jargon, equity crowdfunding and social movements, and how to pitch to potential investors. 

This has been a very active event and we encourage you to come out! Free lunch will be provided and the opportunity to develop your startup and network is open for the taking.

Workshop Wednesdays is one of our five events happening every week. Check out the other four below! 


1.Have you seen Hubert the Dinosaur around? He's our newest ANTrepreneur! Be on the look out for him on the UC Irvine campus and at our boothing events. 

2. Our website is now online. Check out to set up appointments, follow our events, and stay updated.

3.  Students: we're giving away prizes in our largest raffle yet! Sign up in our system, follow our social media, and attend our events to increase your chances to win!

Visit Our Weekly Events!

Straw Free founder Diana Lofflin and students connect at the UCI Fall Sustainability Fair. 
Drinking to the Future 
with Straw Free

Last Tuesday, UC Irvine's first annual Fall Sustainability Fair packed sudents, faculty, and staff onto the basketball courts of the Middle Earth housing community. College-affiliated organizations offered their regular swag, but at the Straw Free booth, the prize was bamboo straws.

Diana Lofflin, founder of the startup, aims to eliminate single use plastic straws via educational and business outreach, as well as pursuing alternatives. The main product, bamboo stra ws, reinforce a dedica tion to reducing waste.

"Ideas are more memorable when you have a physical reminder", she explained.

The UCI communications officer realized the necessity of a greener alternative during a clean up session on the beach.  "500 million straws are used by the U.S. annually," Diana remarked. "That's 564 per person per year. So by 2050 - within our lifetime - there's going to be more plastic in the ocean than fish."
Students carve out bamboo straws at the Arroyo Vista Sustainability House.

While the first step was to convince her partner and current Straw Free Director of Operations, Ben Green, to refrain from using single use plastic straws at his lemonade stand, the next was to find the actual alternative. Ben realized that instead of buying it, they could manufacture it; he also worked at a landscaping company whose clients let their bamboo be harvested into reusable straws.

"Bamboo is organic, completely compostable, and decreases landfill waste," said the founder. 

The team does not just include Diana, Ben, and Education and Outreach Intern Vanida to educate and market. Over ten volunteers help to harvest and construct bamboo straws, and support has also come from the ANTrepreneur Center's consultations and meetings.

The firm has been a great opportunity to pick up valuable entrepreneurial insights, too.  So much of a startup requires desire - not only for the business people but also the target audience.

"It can't just be about making money. Starting a social movement is hard; it's hard to make people change habits that have become second nature," reflected Diana.

She estimates that each bamboo straw can last up to six months, but the firm has bright prospects beyond that time frame. Straw Free expects to enter the consumer market in 2017, and continues to educate on colleges and primary education schools on the power of living green.

Straw Free is looking for teammates in the Business Plan Competition and is currently offering internships. Apply or email the founder at to learn more.
Now Open: Volunteer Program!

If you're interested in being involved with entrepreneurship on campus, you're in luck. We are offering five week and ten week volunteer programs that will allow you to become more experienced with entrepreneurship, outreach, and marketing.

Each week of the program will feature a new focus of ANTrepreneurship and working at the ANTrepreneur Center as you will be paired with an AC intern or UCI startup in line with your interests. You'll learn the ropes of the organization you work with and the end of the program may lead to future opportunities in the startup environment.

Send all inquiries and resumes to Volunteer Coordinator Jason Ditangco at (emails with resumes should have the subject " AC Volunteer Program" ).
Tips to Sharpen Your Startup
To Lead, Go Inside Out

T he question "why?" points to what is your purpose, belief, cause for others to care, and so on. Innately, human beings communicate from the outside in - from the clearest to fuzziest thing. However, what sets great leaders and inspiring organizations apart is how they act, think, and communicate from the inside out.

With a rising number of millennials and students aspiring to be great and effective leaders someday, this model of communicating from the inside out becomes all the more necessary. In running your own company, especially a startup, powerful leadership is crucial in inspiring your team. Watch Simon Sinek's video on how great leaders inspire action to find out more.

Hubert's Travels!
Follow Hubert the Dinosaur  as he emerges from his 65 million year slumber...

This month, he's helping out our giveaways. If he catches you on campus wearing the ANTrepreneur Center shirt, he'll give you a $5 gift card and 50 additional tickets in our raffle. And a photo; he always loves taking photos.  Check him out in the video! 
Opportunists Apply Here!
Programming and Marketing Positions

With so much clutter about health and nutrition on the Internet, Nutripy streamlines what you need to know in order to live well over a wide range of lifestyles. Key activities include providing goals and plans, taking proper pharmaceutical grade supplementation, meeting for health consultations, and tracking progress.

This health firm is looking for a PHP programmer and inbound marketer. Send inquiries about this paid opportunity to Gina Waggener, Executive Director at OC Event Solution, at
Social Media with OC Event Solutions

OC Event Solutions focuses on improving business' public appeal through dynamic events, powerful social media, and strategic partnerships. From corporate events to weddings to social media consultation and planning, this business' functions take care to be cost effective and tailored to each customer.

OC Event Solutions is currently offering a paid social media position for those with experience in this field. Direct all your questions to Gina Waggener by emailing .
What to Know
Instabuttons Has Launched!

Congratulations to Instabuttons for releasing its iOS application! It's a startup that's worked closely with us and we're so proud of them. Check it out on the App Store. Happy button making!
Pick up the Pace: FastFwd Competition Begins!

The Fast Fwd Competition is the first annual startup contest held by the MORE Foundation, a group of experienced business leaders, attorneys, operation experts 
MORE Foundation President David Ochi explains to investors, students, and startup visionaries the purpose of the FastFwd competition.
and others hoping to foster startups. Sponsored by the ANTrepreneur Center, the contest is designed to bring UCI students and members of Orange County together to learn entrepreneurial skills through competing in the commercialization of existing intellectual property.

There are three to seven partners in each team with no less than two UCI students. All teams have roughly six weeks to develop a product application of the patent, and the winning team will receive a pre-formed company and the opportunity to commercialize the patent and the support from MORE Foundation. There are specifically different defined workshops in each week to provide help for the competitors.

People at the kickoff event on October 5, 2016, received what they expected. Students who wanted to start a business met their mentors at this event, while business leaders of Orange County offered their experiences and the knowledge of building a startup to students, helping future ANTrepreneurs to accomplish their goal.
ANTrepreneurs start off the night with a brainteaser on how to securely store valuables at the beach.

During the kick off event, Nicholas J. Witchey, the head of Intellectual Property of the medical technology company Nantworks, introduced  the patent: a virtual planogram portfolio, which seeks to create an augmented reality shopping experience for consumers in real-world stores by offering products for purchase that are not physically present. As a digital technology startup owner Srinivas Boppana, who attended the event, said, "That application of patent is a high-level improved media, so it could make the process of seeking certain stuffs easier. I got the idea of patent, which is a key of any applications, and I will go through it specifically."

There's still time to get involved, if you're still interested. Visit or email to get started.
State Boosts Funding for UC Entrepreneurship

The bill California Governor Jerry Brown signed into law will increase the UC's funding for entrepreneurship under President Janet Napolitano.
Governor Jerry Brown approved a UC-sponsored bill on Friday, September 30. AB 2664, which will grant $22 million to the University of California to fund equipment, entrepreneurial training and legal services for students. The main goal of providing these funds is to develop entrepreneurial projects, and each one of the UC's 10 campuses will receive an equal amount of funds. 

"We are grateful to the Legislature for such strong support of the university, ensuring that our researchers, faculty and students - and California as a whole - remain at the forefront of game-changing innovation," UC President Janet Napolitano said. "We are excited to harness the power of UC research and make an even bigger impact on the California economy and the public good."

The action of making investments in entrepreneurship is expected to have a higher return in California's future. Research shows that the UC system generates more patents than any other university in the country, averaging at five inventions a day. UC graduate students initiate a new startup every two weeks. With the fund, the UCI ANTrepreneur Center will be able to improve its ability to reach out to other significant events, and promote entrepreneurship on campus by helping students better establish and sustain their startups with effective resources.

Apply for Young Real Leaders!

Innovators OC  has partnered with  Real Leaders Magazine  to focus on youth and young leaders to present the  Young Real Leaders Prize The Young Real Leaders Prize recognizes ideas that would make a practical impact in a reasonable time frame. The challenge is to come up with an "innovative idea" with a positive impact in a community, along with a plan for implementation. It's as simple as that. 

The prize is open to teens (ages 13 to 19) & young professionals (under the age of 30). Prizes include a cash prize, a VIP Experience at TEDxLA, a professional video shoot by Young Real Leaders, and mentorship in-kind services to support innovators in their efforts. The deadline to Submit an Idea is November 10 and the application is available online. Get going! 

Earn $1,500 this Weekend at the CSUF Fast Pitch!

Open to high school and university students, Cal State Fullerton's Fast Pitch will provide an opportunity to sharpen presentation skills, and get in touch with other entrepreneurs and ANTrepreneurs alike in the Orange County area.

Entrants will face off first in the preliminary Round Robin, where they will have no more than 60 seconds to deliver their pitches, multiple times, before a panel of experieced judges. The highest ranked students will proceed to an accelerated Q&A session known as the Lightning Round.

The winner at the collegiate level will walk away with $1,500 and an interview opportunity with Youngry, a media company prompting entrepreneurship.

Registration beings at 12:30 this Saturday, October 29!  RSVP if you're interested as a competitor or spectator. 
Broadcast Your Product Nationally! 

If your startup is a lifestyle product and has a product price point of $125, you have a profound opportunity ahead of you.  Over three million viewers will tune into a national network television Christmas Holiday show being taping in the coming week. The program will feature a brand and it could very easily be yours! 

You must also be willing to provide giveaways for all of the 175 studio audience members, who are deserving people: nurses, teachers, and first responders. 

Contact Breanna Bremer at for inquiries and submissions, with your product's photo, your logo, your retail price point, a brief product description, and a link to a website or wherever the product can be purchased.
Mark your Calendars: November 2016

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CSUF Fast Titan Pitch Competition
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[smart] millennials FALL SERIES
(email Heather Johnson, hjonston@tld for

1 Million Cups at The Cove, 9am

Los Angeles SmartCamp Pitch Competition
3 4 5
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1 Million Cups at The Cove, 9 am

New Venture Competition Kickoff at the Merage School, 5:30-7 pm

Strategies Workshop, 6:30 PM at The Cove
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Caltech Entrepre-
neurs Forum presents: Entrepreneu-rs in a Biotech Moment
13 14 15

New Vent-
ure Com-
petition Workshop #1
at the Merage School, 5:30-7 pm

UC Berkeley Big Ideas
prepropsal paper deadline

1 Million
Cups at The Cove, 9 am


FastFwd Compeition Final Presen-
tations, 6:30 pm at The Cove
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20 21

Deadline for Silicon Valley Intensive application
22 23

1 Million Cups at The Cove, 9 am


UCI: Thanksgivi-
ng Break 
(offices closed)

UCI: Thanks-


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Startup Haunted House
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1 Million Cups at The Cove, 9 am

FastFwd Competition Awards Ceremony, 6:30 pm at The Cove

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Los Angeles and Orange Counties, visit
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