Startups in the Title Industry, Good or Bad?
The Future is coming to Real Estate.
Startups - a Threat to Title Insurance or a Solution Looking for a Problem?

Title insurance agents might have a new competitor entering the title and escrow arena. A startup company from Seattle named Modus opened early this July. Modus allows real estate agents to use its resources as a title and escrow workshop, bypassing a traditional title firm altogether.  

Where Agents Find High-Quality Leads

ver the past 12 months, agents credited social media for bringing them the highest number of quality leads, topping other methods such as their MLS sites, brokerage websites, and listing aggregators, according to the National Association of RELATORS®’ 2018 Technology Survey, a survey of more than 2,500 real estate professionals.

Fast Facts: House-Hunting With Kids in Tow

Buyers with children have different needs than those without. According to the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) 2018 Moving with Kids Report (part of NAR’s Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers):

Buyers with children prioritize schools—unsurprisingly. Fifty percent of buyers with children say the district in their locale matters, compared to 11 percent without children. Forty-five percent of buyers with children are also looking for proximity to schools.

Buyers with children size up. The average buyer with children (under 18) purchased a 2,100-square-foot home, with four bedrooms and two bathrooms. By comparison, the average buyer with no children purchased a 1,750-square-foot home with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Twenty-four percent of buyers with children put their home on the market because it was too small.

Childcare costs are delaying home purchases. Twenty-seven percent of buyers with children say childcare costs held up their home purchase, with some compromising on condition, price or size.

“Buying a house is rarely just a financial transaction, especially when children are involved,” says NAR President Elizabeth Mendenhall. “Parents are choosing the home they will raise their kids in, the schools their sons and daughters will attend and the neighborhood where they will play and make friends. REALTORS® help buyers navigate every emotional and financial factor to ensure families find their dream home.”

IT Security Tip—Don’t Just Close Your Browser!
When online accessing a banking site or any other application containing sensitive data, make sure you log out of the site and THEN close your browser. If you simply close your browser, some of the session information that a hacker can use to gain entry is still running in the background.

This month Michelle Garcia Gilbert, Esq. spoke at the Greater Tampa Realtors' Attorney Seminar on Digital Technology & Its Impact on Real Estate Transactions. A synopsis of the seminar can be found here.