Statcomm Spotlight
September 2017
Captain Contest!
We’re very pleased you take the time to read our Newsletter. We work hard to bring you information which can help keep you, your family, your tenants and your property safe. But “all work and no play,” as they say, isn’t fun or enjoyable for anyone. Learn more about our contest by clicking the link below.

Question #1. What does NFPA stand for?

                 Trash Chutes Aren’t Trashy!
In many multi-residence buildings such as hotels, condos and high-rises, trash chutes are fairly commonplace. These make waste disposal convenient and hassle-free for people living on the higher levels, where transporting garbage, bed linens, etc. can pose not only a nuisance, but substantial health hazards both to the tenant and the people around them and.... 

What Is The NFPA, And Why Does It Matter?
The National Fire Protection Association was founded in 1896 to help prevent injury, death and economic losses resulting from fires. Today, NFPA is a global nonprofit organization with a membership of over 60,000 worldwide. NFPA’s consensus standards and building codes are a recognized benchmark around the world for quality fire safety construction practices. 

101: It’s Not Just A Highway Anymore!
Highway 101 is easily one of the most famous stretches of road in America, so much so that even people who know next to nothing about California know its name. In the fire suppression and life safety industry, “101” has a very different meaning which has nothing to do with highways or intro-level college courses. 

In this month’s Statcomm Employee Spotlight, we’re proud to introduce you to Kevin Anderson!

Kevin has been with Statcomm for over seven years. He began his tenure in the in the Business Development Department after meeting our president, Rich Schwank, at the church they both attend. Over time, he has become our lead site walker. Always smiling and positive, Kevin is well-liked and a joy to be around, both in the office and on site. He is one of our greatest assets and we’re very pleased to have him aboard!

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