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Fall 2018 Newsletter
Captain Contest!
Hello readers, Captain Contest here again! The winner from our last contest drawing was Henry from the Christison Company!

But please don’t get discouraged if you didn’t win this time! Keep on reading and answering. After our 4th issue, for those of you that have successfully answered at least 3 out of the 4 questions, you’ll be entered in the drawing for our annual grand prize. This time we are sending one lucky winner plus a guest for a dinner and one night’s accommodations in beautiful Carmel-by-the Sea!

Question: True or False  -  The provisions of State Assembly Bill 433 spell out new requirements for the training, certification and ongoing education of technicians working on water-based fire protection systems in all applications besides single-family homes and duplexes.

Did You Know? The New Requirements For Fire Sprinkler Technicians
State Assembly Bill 433 (2013) refers to all Fire Sprinkler Technicians. At the end of 2017, these requirements went into effect and.....
Don’t Let the Lights Go Out! Self Luminous Exit Signs
Self-luminous or photo-luminescent exit signs are a newer type of exit lights which do not require electricity. These types of lights have a set lifespan of 10, 15 or 20 years and are becoming more common in newer buildings, especially as low mounted “crawl” exit signs become required or in historic buildings, where running new electrical wiring is cost prohibitive. Many properties are beginning to face the replacement of these exit signs for the first time and are surprised that process can be longer and more expensive than with traditional exit signs due to special disposal requirements for some devices and long lead times for some replacement devices. Due to the set lifespan of this type of sign, all of the signs in a building typically expire at the same time, which can result in a large unbudgeted repair. Lights are usually sold as 10, 15, or 20-year models and.......
What to Expect When Expecting Statcomm
Statcomm left you a note on your door or in the entrance way of your building, now what do you do? 
As part of our ongoing “What to expect series,” in this installment we want to give a bit of insight on what happens during the different inspections. In our April release, we went over our initial site visit and what we were looking for.
Statcomm works with your HOA to provide the best value for the required fire alarm testing. To do so, we offer complimentary site walks and tailor the contracts to the exact needs of our customers. We obtain counts of every device and....
In this month’s Statcomm Employee Spotlight, we’re proud to introduce you to Corey
In this month’s Statcomm Employee Spotlight, we’re delighted to introduce you to Corey Haney! A tool collector, home renovator, foodie and travel aficionado who balances a sense of adventure with a strong safety ethic, Corey brings a diverse set of interests and experiences to his position at Statcomm. Corey works in the Training and Marketing department of Statcomm. 
Corey grew up in Campbell, where he learned about.....
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