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The League's September 2021 E-Muni
League Director Jerry Deschane is inviting you to the League's 123rd Annual Conference in this short video.

We’re getting together October 20-22nd at the KI Center in Green Bay (with three virtual pre-conference bonus sessions Oct. 13-15 that you can register for separately). And we look forward to seeing you!

What’s in it for you? A lot of value!
2021 Wisconsin Real Estate and Economic Outlook Conference
Thursday, October 7 — 8:30am – 3:00pm
Wisconsin REALTORS Association, Wisconsin Bankers, Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority, League of Wisconsin Municipalities, and LISC Milwaukee
Restoring Equilibrium in Our Relationships
Eric Giordano, PhD, Executive Director, Wisconsin Institute for Public, Policy and Service, University of Wisconsin System
September, The Municipality, pg. 21

Eric employs "Game Theory" to restore equilibrium in relationships. As he observes, it seems we have become a lot less patient with those whose views differ from our own.

Read the article (PDF) Read all of Eric's columns on the League's website.
Learn more! Join us via Zoom for "Leading Through Conflict Management" on Tuesday, October 12 from noon to 1:30 p.m. It's led by Eric Giordano and is the first of three pre-conference bonus workshops that week in advance of the in-person 123rd Annual Conference in Green Bay.

You can register for just the three pre-conference workshops although they are included in the full conference registration. One-day registration is available for the in-person Conference.
Register here today and we'll see you there! #LeagueWI2021
The 2021-23 State Budget’s Impact on Municipalities
Toni Herkert, Government Affairs Director and Curt Witynski, Deputy Executive Director, League of Wisconsin Municipalities
September, The Municipality, pg. 14

This article provides a more detailed description of the 2021-2023 state budget provisions affecting cities and villages. All items described in this article took effect on July 10 (the day after publication), unless otherwise indicated.

Join Toni and Curt on Thursday, Oct. 21 for "Advocating for Municipalities in the Capitol" at the League's 123rd Annual Conference and learn about new and pending legislation impacting municipalities. They'll provide updates on dark store, PFAS regulations, personal property tax repeal efforts, and more. Hear about ways you can get active and participate in the League’s legislative advocacy efforts. 
Details and Registration #LeagueWI2021
Infrastructure Considerations in a Changing Climate
Maria Hart, Climate Change Adaptation Planning Consultant, Founder of Embed Climate and Rob Montgomery, P.E., Chair, Wisconsin Initiative on Climate Change Impacts Infrastructure Working Group
September, The Municipality, pg. 8

Resources referenced in "Infrastructure Considerations in a Changing Climate"

REMINDER - Timely Tool: Responsible Wisconsin Bidder Database
Cynthia Buchko, General Counsel, Construction Business Group
August, The Municipality, pg. 16

The Responsible Wisconsin Bidder database was created in 2020 by the Construction Business Group with the League of Wisconsin Municipalities. The Wisconsin Counties Association and the Wisconsin Towns Association have now joined the collaborative effort.

We Need Your Help
To make the bidder database an even more useful tool, we need your help. Through the online database, local government officials (and only local government officials) have access to a public works projects project evaluation form. The project evaluation is a short, easy-to-navigate digital questionnaire. Please fill it out for the projects that you have completed. Details here.

Make the most of your ARPA funds by ensuring that your public works projects are being awarded to responsible bidders!
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The NEW Basic Financial Administration for Wisconsin Local Governments provides you with practical day-to-day instructions on managing local government finance. This new handbook was a joint effort by the League, the Wisconsin Towns Association, the Local Government Education Program of the University of Wisconsin Extension and the Wisconsin Dept. of Revenue. Order your copy (delayed delivery due to League office closure.)
Want to learn more? Three of the professionals who literally helped write the book on "Basic Financial Administration" will be presenting at the League's 123rd Annual Conference in Green Bay. Details and Registration. #LeagueWI2021
Legal Articles
First Amendment Protects Objectionable Content
Sherri Russell, City Attorney, Lake Jackson, Texas
September, The Municipality, pg. 25

Editor’s Note: We requested permission to reprint this article because League attorneys have received multiple calls from municipalities concerned with signs identical or similar to those discussed in this article. Although municipalities can enact content-neutral sign regulations, regulations aimed at content deemed offensive or profane are subject to strict scrutiny by courts and rarely pass muster because of First Amendment protection. In addition to the laws discussed in this article, Wisconsin municipalities should be aware that Wis. Stat. § 66.0107(3) prohibits municipalities, by ordinance, from prohibiting conduct which is the same as or similar to conduct prohibited by Wis. Stat. § 944.21 which regulates obscene material or performance.

Powers of Municipalities 942 Article by Sherri Russell, reprinted from IMLA’s Municipal Lawyer, explains how the First Amendment protects expressions posted on private property but in public view that may be deemed profane or offensive, such as the proliferation of signs posted on private property after the 2020 presidential election that contain an expletive directed to President Biden.
Read the article. (PDF)
Note - PDF versions of several handbooks are available. Because the building the League office is located in is currently closed by order of the city, other Handbooks will be mailed in Nov.
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League's next Member Roundtable via Zoom
November 9 and December 14, 2021, 12:00-1:00 p.m.
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Building Inspectors Institute
October 6-8, 2021
Lismore Hotel, Eau Claire

The League's 123rd Annual Conference
Pre-conference Bonus Webinars October 12-14 Via Zoom
Annual Conference October 20-22
K-I Center, Green Bay

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Police & Fire Commission Workshop
November 3, 2021 in Wisconsin Dells
Wilderness Resort, Glacier Canyon Conference Center

Human Resources for Small Communities
Three one-hour long webinars
November 9-11, 2021
10AM each day

Municipal Water Issues Web Series
December 7, 8, & 9, 2021
12PM each day