A new year is the perfect time to look at personal finances and your LASERS retirement plan is one area to review. LASERS has many helpful tools and tips to get you started.

Have you attended a LASERS Pre-Retirement Education Program (PREP) or Early Career Seminar?  

These workshops, conducted in various cities throughout the state, can help you make a plan and prepare for the retirement process.

In a PREP workshop, you will learn eligibility requirements for retirement, receive information on purchases of service credit, understand the types of retirement, and more. A PREP may be taken at any time during your career.

Early Career seminars are geared to LASERS members hired since January 1, 2011, who are not eligible for retirement in the next five years. An Early Career Seminar introduces members to LASERS benefits, provides ways to enhance future retirement benefits, and more.

Check out the LASERS website for the 2020 schedule and register today.

Is your contact and beneficiary information up to date in Member Self-Service?
Take time to review your personal contact information and designated beneficiary in LASERS Member Self-Service for accuracy. You must update your mailing address with your Human Resources office. If you need to change your beneficiary, submit Form 01-06 Designation of Beneficiary to LASERS. 

Are you ready to retire?
Retirement is NOT an overnight process. The preparations leading up to retirement involve teamwork. That team includes YOU, your agency, and LASERS. Find the latest information and a step-by-step guide here on the LASERS website .

Have you put all of the pieces together to retire?
For most of us, the answer is no. Three components to consider are financial security, healthy living, and happiness and engagement. The LASERS website provides various resources designed for active LASERS members to assist with solving the puzzle. Check out the LASERS Retirement Readiness page here .

Please feel free to contact LASERS with any questions. We wish you a Happy 2020!