June 2020: Volume 3, Issue 2

Our Mission: To provide merit-based, innovative workforce solutions which enable state government to attract, develop and retain a productive, diverse and engaged workforce that excels in delivering quality services to the citizens of Louisiana.
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Hurricane Season Resources

"When severe weather strikes, will you be ready? It's critical that you are, for your safety and your family's. The key is to have a winning game plan."

Louisiana Department of Insurance  Hurricane Resource Center

See preparedness tips, what do after a flood, storm damage resource center and more.
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Excellent Compliance Audits
State Civil Service would like to commend the following agencies for an excellent Compliance Audit:

  • Louisiana Patient’s Compensation Fund—Perfect Report!
  • Acadiana Area Human Services District

These agencies achieved 90% compliance or higher in all categories audited, had no areas of concern, and no major rule violations. Louisiana Patient’s Compensation Fund received a perfect report! This is their second perfect report in a row. The results received by these agencies show the value and importance of excellence they place on Civil Service rule compliance. They are to be commended for a job well done!
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