June 2021: Volume 4, Issue 2

Our Mission: To provide merit-based, innovative workforce solutions which enable state government to attract, develop and retain a productive, diverse and engaged workforce that excels in delivering quality services to the citizens of Louisiana.
Call for 2021 Charles E. Dunbar, Jr.
Career Service Award Nominations
Entering into the 62nd year of its annual program, the Louisiana Civil Service League has announced the call for nominations for the 2021 Charles E. Dunbar, Jr. Career Service Award. Since the inception of the program, more than 800 classified public employees have been awarded the Dunbar Career Service Award. Recognizing the tremendous contributions made to the state of Louisiana by classified employees, we encourage you to consider nominating one of your employees for this prestigious honor.

The Dunbar Award is the highest honor classified state employees can receive for their service to the citizens of Louisiana. The Civil Service League bestows the award on local, state, and municipal civil service employees who distinguish themselves through unselfish service to the citizens of Louisiana. Nominees are judged on commitment to the classified service, contributions toward workplace improvement, personal initiative, and volunteer community service. 

The award is named in honor of Charles E. Dunbar, Jr., who was responsible for spearheading the effort to establish a classified workforce that would be governed through merit system principles and founding the Louisiana Civil Service League.


We encourage you to distribute this information and nomination form to all employees. To fill out the form electronically, please click here. After completing the fill-in PDF form, please print and sign the signature page. You can then scan and email the form (with signatures) to Lindsay.Ruiz@la.gov. You can also mail the form directly to the Louisiana Civil Service League. Please mail six (6) copies of each nomination form to the address below by Thursday, September 23, 2021:

Mr. Daniel E. Sullivan
Executive Vice President
Louisiana Civil Service League
810 Union Street, Suite 305
New Orleans, Louisiana 70112

If you have any questions, please refer to the Dunbar Award Frequently Asked Questions, or contact Mr. Sullivan at (504) 522-3875 or lacsl@bellsouth.net
Excellent Compliance Audits
State Civil Service would like to commend the following agencies for an excellent Compliance Audit:

  • Northwest Louisiana Human Services District—Perfect Report!
  • Florida Parishes Human Services Authority
  • South Central Louisiana Human Services Authority
  • Louisiana Correctional Institute for Women
  • Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries
  • Department of Public Safety and Corrections—Division of Adult Probation and Parole

These agencies achieved 90% compliance or higher in all categories audited, had no areas of concern, and no major rule violations. 

Northwest Louisiana Human Services District received a perfect report! The results received by these agencies show the value and importance of excellence they place on Civil Service rule compliance. They are to be commended for a job well done!
Michele Impson, HR Director & Shanda Lewis, HR Specialist
We recently featured a team from the Louisiana Department of Insurance in our Employee Spotlight series for their dedicated work last year during the 2020 storm recovery.

"Our staff stood ready to help those hit hardest by storms during a brutal 2020 hurricane season. A team of Louisiana Department of Insurance employees headed from Baton Rouge to Lake Charles to help residents understand their policies, the process of filing a claim after a storm – and if necessary, filing a complaint. When a Louisiana community was in need of assistance, this team from the LDI was available with a wealth of knowledge and a helping hand."  

Thank you for continuing to serve #EveryDayForEveryCitizen.
Update from LASERS
Have You Created a myLASERS Account?

If you have not yet created your myLASERS account, please do so NOW. Our new online account management tool includes new features and improved security with multi-factor authentication. This modern security enhancement protects your myLASERS account and helps prevent online hacking.
You should also check your contact information in myLASERS to verify the information is correct. Due to the rise in data breaches, it is imperative that your address, phone number(s), and email address are up to date to ensure receipt of communications from LASERS. As an active member, you must also inform your agency Human Resources staff of any contact information changes.
Go to www.lasersonline.org/mylasers-info/ for video instructions on myLASERS, FAQs, system requirements, and much more.

Register for a Virtual Seminar Today

Now is a good time to make a retirement plan. LASERS offers virtual Early-Career and PREP seminars to answer your retirement questions.

Early-Career seminars are for LASERS members hired on or after January 1, 2011, but who are not within 5 years of retirement eligibility. This 2.5 hour virtual presentation introduces members to LASERS and educates them on membership in a defined benefit retirement plan.

Our 4-hour virtual PREP seminar is geared toward LASERS members who are approaching retirement. PREP also includes Social Security and Empower Retirement information.

Check the LASERS website for registration information and availability: https://seminars.lasers.state.la.us/Registration

LASERS 75th Anniversary Celebration Continues

On July 15, 2021 LASERS will officially celebrate its 75th anniversary.

Check out the history section of the LASERS website, www.lasersonline.org/about/history/, for background information about the retirement system. Interesting profiles in the Who’s Who section include past Board Trustees, executive directors, staff members, and legislators who played vital roles in creating and building LASERS.
Nominations Close July 13 in LASERS Board Election

Nominations will be accepted by LASERS in the 2021 Board of Trustees Election until July 13, 2021, 4:30 p.m. Central Time. Every two years, LASERS members cast their ballots for candidates for the thirteen-member Board of Trustees. In this election, three seats will be filled by active members and one by a retired member. Voting will occur in September and October and results certified and published by the Board in November. For more information, visit the LASERS website: www.lasersonline.org/about/2021-lasers-board-of-trustees-election/
State Civil Service and the Baton Rouge Testing & Recruiting Center will be closed on Monday, July 5, 2021, in observance of Independence Day. There will be no testing on this day.
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