State Leadership Conference, Know Before You Go!

We are looking forward to seeing over 4,100 of you at the State Leadership Conference in Dallas next week! Please read over the reminders below to make sure you and your students are prepared for this exciting conference!

Still Need Evaluators!

If you are bringing extra adults (non-advisors) that can serve as evaluators, please send their contact information to Ellen Knox ASAP. We still need 15 more evaluators.
Ellen Knox,

Texas FCCLA App

The app has been updated!!!

Please download the Texas FCCLA App from the App Store so that you will have mobile access to the State Meeting Program, map of the hotel, as well as the competitive event results. Chapters will only receive 1 program per 5 attendees, so having the app will give all members access.

If you have not already, please make sure that you also turn on push notifications, found in the app under "Settings". Make sure you click "enable notifications" as well as click "subscriptions" to make sure you are receiving the notifications for the correct conference in case of room changes or special alerts

The Conference Program can be found under the "Meetings" button, select state, and then click "Conference Program".
Drops and Substitutions

If you have a team that will no longer be competing, please let us know so that we can alter our schedules. The drop and substitution deadline for State is TODAY, Wednesday, March 28th at noon. Substitutions can be done in the registration system, and drops can be emailed to

The Sheraton is pulling registration from the front desk and will be having check in in the Grand Hall of the convention center side of the building. Please come to that area of the hotel to get your hotel room keys. We will have some games and music playing in that area.

Competitive Event Schedules
The State Competitive Event Schedules will be updated online by the end of the week. We will email out once they have been updated and posted. The current schedules can be found here,

Please note that schedules will be updated again following check-in on the day of competition. I n the event of no-shows on the day of competition, the last assigned team in that category will be moved up to the dropped entry's spot. Please advise your competitors to check for the updated schedules after check-in time is complete.
Competitive Event Check-In
An individual and/or team member must sign in at the competitive event check-in. This check-in will be at a designated time that is reflected on the competitive event schedule on the day of competition. Students are STRONGLY encouraged to locate their check-in room in advance so that they will not be late.

Conference registration check-in is NOT the same as competitive event check in. Each individual/team MUST check in at their competitive event check-in time as listed on their schedule.

Individuals/teams no longer need to bring the highlighted member roster, invoice, or receipt to competitive event check-in. All materials (including self addressed stamped envelope) will be turned in at the time of competition. (With the exception of Cupcake Battle Senior, who brings everything at check-in).

Participants are responsible for checking edited time schedules and arriving at the competition at their assigned time. Participants should arrive at the competition room at least 15 minutes prior to competition time. If participants are not at the competition room at the designated time, the individual/team will not compete.

If participants arrive up to fifteen minutes after the end of the competitive event check-in, a $25 fee will be imposed. Payment must be brought to headquarters prior to 5:00 p.m. on the day of the events. Anyone more than fifteen minutes late of the assigned check-in time will be disqualified and not allowed to compete. 

(From page 9 of the Texas Competitive Events Guidebook)
Workshops will be available on a first come, first serve basis. We have lots of great topics! Please encourage your students to attend. Students will be entered into a drawing to win a red blazer for attendance.

Thursday Workshops
Dallas A2&3
11:00-12:00- Surviving Failure
1:00-2:00- The Leader in Me
2:15-3:15- Making Kindness Cool... Dude Be Nice!
3:30-4:30- Making Kindness Cool... Dude Be Nice!

Dallas B&C-
11:00-12:00- Change Lives, Change Communities, Change the World- Say What?!
1:00-2:00- Change Lives, Change Communities, Change the World- Say What?!
2:15-3:15- Design Inspiration
3:30-4:30- Beyond Words: The Subconscious Language of Body and Dress

Friday Workshops
Dallas A1
930-1030- Value Up
1045-1145 Value Up
1-2 Dress for Success, Men's Wearhouse
215-315 Servant Leadership , Men's Wearhouse
Dallas A2&3
930-1030 Design Inspiration
1045-1145 Business Etiquette Around the World
1-2 Marketing Yourself Online and In Person
2-3 Secrets to Landing Interview
Dallas B&C
930-1030  Making Kindness Cool... Dude Be Nice!
1045-1145 Succeed in College
1-2 Minute to Win It
215-315 Minute to Win It
Those participating in the tours may pick up your packets at the registration counter during registration hours. Dress code must be worn for tours.

Tours will be departing either by bus, walking or via DART. For the walking/DART tours, groups will meet at the museums. For bus tours, they will meet outside the hotel- information will be provided in the tours packet. Advisors are responsible for making sure they get to the starting location. 
Friday Night Delegate Dinner/Dance
Students will be allowed to change from official dress code to their conference t-shirts for the dinner and dance scheduled after the general session Friday evening. Please do not allow them to wear anything other than the official dress or the t-shirt; jeans will be allowed at the party.

Dinner Friday will be served in two shifts to accommodate our large delegation. Tickets will be in the advisor registration packets. We ask that you follow the designated plan for this event.

Only those chapters that requested dinner tickets for Friday are receiving them in their registration packets. This is to prevent an excess amount of food left over and wasted.  

An advisor session and dinner will be held Friday during dinner from 7:00-9:00 p.m. in the Dallas Ballroom. Updates and recognition of local advisors will take place. All advisors are encouraged to attend- tickets are not required.
Assigned Seating
Reserved seating will be marked for those receiving awards. Please sit in the correct section to help our recognition run smoothly.

FCSA awards will be on FRIDAY from 3:30-4:30 at the FCSA Recognition Session. Please have one representative from your school sitting in the correct section to receive your awards.

STAR and Proficiency event awards will be SATURDAY at the Closing Session. The top 6 placements advancing to State will be listed in random order on the Texas FCCLA App. Those 6 advancing individuals/teams will have reserved seating by event name on Saturday morning. Please find your seat by 8:00am.
Kendra Scott Gives Back!!!
Voting Delegates

According to the bylaws of the Texas Association, Family, Career and Community Leaders of America, each chapter is allowed one voting delegate whose responsibility is to represent their chapter and vote during the business portion of the state leadership conference. This year the business meeting will take place during the second general session of the conference, Friday, April 6. 

All voting delegates need to sign –in prior to that session. This will be done by region outside the Lone Star Ballroom starting at 4:00 p.m. All voting delegates must sit in the designated seating area of the ballroom for the 5:00 p.m. general session. 

This year's proposed bylaw amendment can be found here:

Dress Code
Students are expected to be in official dress at all times when in the conference area AND on tours.

Students will not be permitted into the workshops, general sessions, or FCSA's if they are not in official dress. Please make sure you and your students are aware of the Texas FCCLA dress code.

Students should be reminded that while at the conference, they are not only representing their school but also the Texas FCCLA delegation. Students should be appropriately dressed at all times, and should not wear pajamas or inappropriate clothing around the hotel facility.
Hotel Professionalism
The hotel staff has asked Texas FCCLA to help with an issues that has causes problems with other guests staying in the hotel.

Please ask your FCCLA members to show professional behavior at all times, especially when in public spaces of the hotel.

Please do not allow your students to lay on the hotel floors and sleep between sessions or while waiting for their competitive event or other events.

Also remind them that the hotel is public space and we are not the only group in the hotel. We want to demonstrate our professionalism and let the public see what good manners we teach our students.

Escoffier Certificates
Those who did not get their Region Participation Certificate from Escoffier may pick them up at the Escoffier Exhibit Booth.
On-Site Substitutions
If you need to substitute a competitor, you need to come to Head Quarters prior to check-in time to complete the change and pay the $25.00 fee.
On-Site Fees
Single Session Parent Fee
$5.00 per parent (Only good for ONE session and available for purchase an hour prior to the session start time at the Registration booth)

On-Site Registration Fees
$22.00 per member
$15.00 per Family and Consumer Science Assessment Test (FCSA)

Summary of Additional Charges for Competitive Events
$50.00 Per member on-site affiliation fee
$25.00 Up to 15 minutes late competitive event check-in
$25.00 Per member on-site substitution fee
$30.00 Returned check or declined credit card fee  
Safety Information
Advisors, please make sure that your students are aware of their surroundings and do not wander off alone.

Curfew has been set at 10:30 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday; 11:00 p.m. on Friday.   It is the local advisors responsibility to enforce this with their students.

Bus Parking
See bus parking map attached. It is very important you call in advance for bus parking and get pricing from the lot provider.
National Meeting Information
The information regarding the National Leadership Conference is now available online, There will be a travel meeting directly following the Closing General Session on Saturday to go over National travel and registration information.