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Teachers After The Break
We hope you had a chance to relax and refresh over break. Here is a little funny for your first week back after break.
State Leadership Conference
Plans are underway for our virtual State Leadership Conference! We hope to put together a great conference for you, but we need you to register! We are planning to hold it during the original timeframe (March 15-16). We will release additional programming information as it is available.

Registration is open! Registrations are $35/person. Students participating in STAR Events are required to register for the conference.
STAR Events Timeline
Many of you are starting to really gear up to prepare for STAR Events competitions. We are so excited to offer students a chance to compete this year even if it wasn't how we had hoped.

Registration is open! Registrations are $20/student. Students participating in STAR Events are required to register for the virtual conference as well.

A detailed competition timeline is posted on the website.

Next weeks newsletter will contain tips and information for preparing for virtual competition.
Here is a recap of changes and reminders of things that are coming up.

Affiliation deadline: the affiliation deadline for STAR Events eligibility and to run for regional/state office is now January 22.

Regional STAR Events: all regional STAR Events competitions have been cancelled. Participants will now advance straight to the state level competition.

State STAR Events: competition will be virtual. Plans are being made to try to hold Culinary Arts and Baking and Pastry in person as allowed.

FCCLA Knowledge: chapter may have an unlimited number of participants in this event for this year.

STAR Events Registration: the registration deadline for state level STAR Events will be January 22.

Officer qualification forms: the deadline to submit officer qualification forms will now be January 22.

Regional officer elections: regional officer elections plans are being made. Information regarding virtual elections has been posted online, but please follow additional information provided by your regional council for specific information. Some regions are going to proceed with in-person elections.
We know this hasn't been a normal year, but we still want to recognize those important people who make your chapters successful. A reminder about the various awards we have available and application deadlines.

Deadlines upcoming this month:

Master Adviser: recognizes advisers who have been successful in advising a minimum of 3 years and have promoted the organization, operated an integrated chapter with a balance program of work, and kept up to date on things happening within the organization. Deadline January 15

Adviser Mentor: recognizes advisers who have received the Master Adviser award as well as devoting 2 years to new adviser assistance, conducting workshops, and taken on roles and responsibilities within the organization. Deadline January 15

Excellence in Advising: recognizes advisers who go above and beyond for their FCCLA members. This award is not based on years of advising so all advisers are eligible. Deadline January 15

Distinguished Service: recognizes those whose primary responsibilities are directly related to FCCLA that have given outstanding contributions and continuing service to the state and/or national organizations. Deadline January 15

Outstanding School Administrator: recognizes exceptional school administrators who encourage chapters and help students take advantage of the opportunities offered. Deadline January 15

Honorary Membership: recognizes those whose primary responsibilities are not directly related to the organization but have made outstanding contributions and provide continuing service to the state and local organization. Deadline January 15

Deadlines in February/March:

Family and Consumer Sciences Career Cluster Scholarship: seniors who are planning to major in a degree program in a family and consumer sciences career cluster area are eligible for this scholarship. Deadline February 1

Outstanding FCCLA Leadership Scholarship: seniors who demonstrate outstanding leadership and participation in FCCLA programs and activities are eligible for this scholarship. Deadline February 1

National Program Awards: chapters may apply for state recognition using the national program award application in the affiliation system. Deadline February 1.

Years of Service: we recognize advisers for years of service in 5 year increments. Please take the time to complete the simple form to be recognized for this milestone. Deadline March 1

Retiring Advisers: we hate to see you go, but thank you for your service. If you will be retiring at the end of the year please make sure to complete this simple form. Deadline March 1

Power of One: students who complete all 5 units of Power of One are eligible to apply for state and national recognition. Deadline March 1

Show-Me 5!: recognizes chapters who recruit 5 or more members than the previous year. This is calculated automatically based on official affiliation information in the system by March 1.

Star Chapters: recognizes chapters whose membership represents a significant percentage of the entire family and consumer sciences education program enrollment. Deadline March 1
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