SB 285 (Wiener):  CalFresh Connect

SB 285 (Wiener)  needs your support to clear its next legislative hurdle, the Assembly Appropriations  Committee. Join us in asking the Committee to move the bill forward to the Assembly Floor!

Share your support for SB 285 with the Assembly Appropriations Committee!

Assemblymember Lorena Gonzalez (D-80) ( 619) 338-8090

Please also spend a few minutes contacting your Assemblymember, especially if they are members of the committee:

Sample script:
Hello. My name is ________. I live in ______, CA. I am calling to ask Asssemblymember ______ to support SB 285 which would improve access to CalFresh, our most powerful anti-hunger and anti-poverty program. [choose one or more of the following reasons or tell them your own]
  • Californians struggling to make ends meet deserve equitable access to CalFresh. We need to set statewide goals and track progress to make meaningful improvements.
  • Together, we can do the work to make CalFresh work for everyone, regardless of where they live or their individual circumstances. SB 285 provides a roadmap for success.
  • Over 500,000 SSI recipients just became eligible for CalFresh- now is the time to ensure that all eligible Californians, especially seniors and people with disabilities, can access CalFresh simply and with dignity.
Click here for more Member contact information and sample emails, call scripts, and tweets!

SB 285 in the news!, California's persistent CalFresh participation problem, and the solutions SB 285 would enact were recently featured in CalMatters and KSBY Central Coast . Please read and share with your networks!

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AB 842 (Limón):  Hunger-Free Pre-K & Child Care

AB 842 (Limón)  passed out of the Senate Committee on Education last week on consent with a unanimous vote of support. AB 842 would increase access to healthy meals for low-income children in preschool and child care.  A big thank you to Assemblymember Limón for championing this bill and to all of you for demonstrating wide support for this important piece of legislation!  

AB 842 has now been scheduled for an August 12th hearing date in the Senate Standing Committee on Appropriations where members of the committee will examine the bill for its fiscal impact. We need your help during this critical time to move the bill to the Senate Floor.

Help AB 842 Clear its Next Legislative Hurdle; Activate Your Network to Call Key Senators On August 13th:

On August 13th, call and activate your network to call members of the Senate Appropriations Committee. Prioritize your outreach to: 

Senator Anthony Portantino, Chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee ( 916) 651-4025

Next, call your senator if they are also listed here as a member of the committee. This should take you just a few minutes!

Sample script:

Hello. My name is ________. I live in ______, CA. I am calling to ask the Senator to vote yes on AB 842, a bill currently being considered in the Senate Appropriations Committee. AB 842, authored by Assemblymember Limón, will give low-income children attending preschool or child care at a California public school guaranteed access to a meal. I believe that all children living in poverty and attending a California public school deserve nutritious meals, no matter how old they are or what grade they are in. Thank you.

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Federal Advocacy Update
New Trump Administration Proposal Would Cut CalFresh for Working Families, Seniors, People with Disabilities
The Trump Administration recently  proposed new, misguided, rules  for SNAP/CalFresh. The rule targets low-income families by seeking to end  a long-standing state option that eases the CalFresh application burden for families that qualify for other federal benefits, like CalWORKs in California. The widely-adopted option also provides cost savings for states and the federal government by streamlining the application and verification process and reducing administrative workload. This harsh and counterproductive proposal comes in the wake of the President's tax law that included billions in new benefits for the wealthiest households and corporations.

If enacted, USDA estimates the rule would cut 3.1 million people off of SNAP, the vast majority working families, seniors, and people with disabilities. In California, that would mean 120,000 or more low-income households would lose access to CalFresh. CFPA and our partners will soon have updated estimates on state and local impact of the proposed rule.

The 2018 Farm Bill, passed on a bipartisan vote last December, explicitly rejected similar proposed changes. This new proposal is yet another attempt by the Trump administration to circumvent Congress to implement policies that hurt low-income Americans struggling to make ends meet.

CFPA and our anti-hunger partners are committed to continue working together to prevent cuts to the program and to insist that our national policymakers renew their commitment to end hunger and food insecurity.  Read our California partners' joint statement on the proposed rule to cut off benefits from tens of thousands of Californians struggling to make ends meet and put food on the table. 

Learn more abaout how Categorical Eligibility works and who it helps from our partners at the Center on Budget & Policy Priorities and our most recent blog post.

Please stay tuned for updates on how you can help protect SNAP by submitting public comments in opposition to the proposed rule that would take away food assistance from working families, seniors, and people with disabilities. CFPA will be sharing updated impact data and model comments as soon as next week. Make sure you don't miss any updates by signing up for our Action Alerts.

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CFPA is committed to fighting hunger, poor nutrition, and their root causes through policy change. We cannot do this work without you. Your input will help shape our future priorities to improve the lives of struggling Californians.

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