• California State Monitoring List - Additional Business Closures
  • Managing a COVID-19 Outbreak in Your Workplace
Santa Cruz County Placed On State Monitoring List

Dear Downtown Businesses,
Santa Cruz County Health has issued a new updated County Health Order. This will require businesses in several sectors to modify or close operations as of 12:01 a.m. on Tuesday, July 28, 2020: 
  • Gyms and fitness centers
  • Personal care services
  • Places of worship and cultural ceremonies
  • Offices for non-critical infrastructure sectors
  • Indoor shopping malls

If you are interested in utilizing a temporary outdoor expansion area for your business to continue operating, you must first apply for a no-cost Temporary COVID-19 Outdoor Use Permit from the Economic Development Department before you may begin operating an expanded outdoor space. There are specific guidelines for restaurant, retail, personal care services and gyms to operate outside. All applicants must agree to indemnify the City and provide a certificate of insurance for the expanded activity.

Program information and required documents are available here:   www.choosesantacruz.com/outdoorexpansion .

Read the full County Health Order here:
Managing A COVID-19 Outbreak In Your Workplace

As we are seeing an increase in the number of COVID-19 cases, it is increasingly likely that you will need to manage a COVID-19 outbreak in your workplace. If you have a positive case in your workplace, we can help support you with information, and guidance around communication and marketing. We know that this can be incredibly difficult and for some, the last thing you would want to do is share publicly, for fear of losing much needed business. That said, it is imperative that cases of COVID-19 within our Downtown businesses be shared transparently with not only staff but with the public, as this is the only way that we will be able to contain and manage the pandemic within our community.

To help minimize impacts among employees and assist with investigation of COVID-19 cases, the County of Santa Cruz is providing local employers with tools to help manage coronavirus transmission. They include detailed guidance on prevention, preparation for exposures and management of workplace cases, as well as information on the rights and responsibilities of employers:
Santa Cruz County Health   COVID-19 EMPLOYER TOOLKIT AVAILABLE       

Additional resources to help manage a COVID-19 outbreak in your workplace can be found through Fortress & Flourish  August 2020 Series: Preventing and Managing a COVID Outbreak
The series will cover: 
  • how to develop an infectious disease preparedness and response plan
  • what to do if an employee is exposed or tests positive
  • expanded emergency sick pay and medical leave
  • welcoming employees back to work after they are sick
Let us know if you need any support with the application process or how we can best support you and your business needs during this difficult time.


Sent to you by your good friends at the Downtown Association of Santa Cruz!