Open enrollment for State ORP participants
The annual open enrollment period for all participants of the State Optional Retirement Program (State ORP) is January 1 to March 1, 2021. During this period, you may change your State ORP service provider or, if eligible, may irrevocably elect to participate in the South Carolina Retirement System (SCRS).

State ORP service provider change
If you wish to change service providers, log in to your Member Access account. If you are unable to change your service provider online through Member Access, you may complete Form 1162.

If you change service providers during annual open enrollment, you may transfer your existing account balance, subject to the current State ORP service provider’s contractual limitations, to your new service provider. To do so, you must initiate the process by contacting your previous service provider and requesting the appropriate forms. You may also choose to leave funds on account with your prior service provider.

Irrevocable election to participate in SCRS
You are eligible to change from the State ORP to SCRS during the 2021 open enrollment period if at any point during the open enrollment period it has been at least one year, but not more than five years, since your initial enrollment in the State ORP (i.e., initial enrollment between January 1, 2016, and March 1, 2020).

Empower acquires MassMutual’s retirement business
Effective January 4, 2021, Empower Retirement (Empower) acquired the retirement plan business of MassMutual, one of the State ORP service providers. Right now, the biggest change you'll see is the Empower logo on MassMutual’s State ORP participant website. Learn more about the acquisition on our Latest news webpage.

More information
More information about the State ORP open enrollment is available at If you have any questions, please contact us at 803.737.6800 or 888.260.9430.