Temps Go Down, Costs Go Up,
State Remains Silent
With the clocks changing and the temperatures dipping, it is the time of year when people turn on their heat so they can keep their homes and businesses warm.

We continue to witness a global energy crisis with soaring energy prices and electricity shortages around the world which is the latest reminder that any energy transition needs to have a balance of energy solutions and needs to be transparent about what those options will cost. We have seen continued underinvestment in our current energy infrastructure while people hope for new solutions that are not ready to support the demand.

And through it all here at home, the NJBPU continues to put their head in the sand, pushing ahead on their energy proposals while hiding the additional financial burden they will be saddling New Jersey residents and businesses with. It's time for the NJBPU to put their cards on the table and come clean so we can have an honest conversation.
Transparency Update: Over 652 Days Now
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