For Immediate Release
November 12, 2012
David Erinakes
(214) 335-0096

Representative Flynn Announces Prefiled Legislation
AUSTIN - State Representative Dan Flynn took advantage of early filing opportunities this morning and filed his first round of House Bills focusing on education, free enterprise, and jobs. Through early filing, Representative Flynn ensures that these issues have the best chance at being taken up this 83rd Legislative session, slated to begin in January of 2013. 

In education, Representative Flynn looks to re-introduce legislation to put a two year moratorium on the controversial STAAR test (HB 44), require High School students to complete a course on the U.S. Constitution (HB 49), and allow teachers the opportunity to display the 10 Commandments in their classroom if they so choose (HB 51). "Each of these three bills are very important to the constituents in my district, and I and my staff were encouraged to make these a priority," said Representative Flynn. 
As for the moratorium on STAAR testing, Representative Flynn has been met with statewide support after his legislation, as an amendment in the first called special session of the 82nd legislature, passed 140-2 in the House only to be caught up by special interests in the Senate.

As Rep Flynn pointed out, "No employer, college or technical school that we know of has ever asked for a copy of the STAAR grades when making an acceptance or employment decision. It is about time we admit to that and seek to do the right thing for the children of Texas."

Representative Flynn also hopes to champion legislation to make obtaining occupational licenses for members of the military and their spouses easier (HB 45). "If our brave men and women can drive a semi-truck in Iraq and Afghanistan, there is no reason why that training and license should not be applicable to Texas and the 1-35 corridor," says Representative Flynn, "Our returning veterans make up one of the largest unemployment pools in the United States. The current procedure for returning vets is to retake yearlong training courses for occupations they have already been licensed for by the military, this seems like a waste of time when they could be back into the workforce using the skills they developed during their service with little to no downtime upon return from active duty."

Following the education theme, Representative Flynn also filed two bills regarding the process to acquire a CHL license (HB 47) and the process to renew a CHL license (HB 48). House Bill 47 would address the hours of instruction. House Bill 48 will define the requirements and exceptions for CHL license renewal.

Another important piece of legislation for the constituents of House District 2 regards the regulation and sale of raw milk (HB 46). Representative Flynn hopes the legislation will allow farmers to sell their raw milk directly to consumers at farmers markets and county fairs. HB 46 does not authorize the sale of raw milk to or on the premises of a grocery store, supermarket or similar retail market. All distributors must provide the proper permit to sell raw milk at the above mentioned locations.

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