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September 7, 2018

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In this week's issue, you will find information on the Hurricane Harvey Registry, a research study that collects information on the impact of Hurricane Harvey on our Greater Houston area community. Any adult in the Harvey-impacted, Greater Houston area should complete this survey. Your answers are important, whether Harvey impacted you severely, lightly, or not at all.

We are reminding you that September is National Preparedness Month. The theme of this first week is "Make and Practice Your Plan", which you can read more about below. Next week's theme will be "Learn Life Saving Skills".

Next week will also see a State Board of Education (SBOE) Board Meeting where public comment will be taken on the streamlined social studies standards and instructional materials. The board meeting begins at 9 a.m. in room 1-104 of the Travis Building at 1701 N. Congress Ave. in Austin. There will first be a public hearing on the new instructional material, followed by a public hearing on the curriculum standards. Learn more about how to register to testify and offer comment below. Local PTA volunteer, Laura Clarke, of Humble ISD will also be honored at the SBOE meeting on Tuesday as the 2018 Hero for Children from District 8.

Lastly, the A&E Network will be releasing a new documentary called "Deaf Out Loud" featuring students from the Texas School for the Deaf (TSD) and their families. Click the link below to see a preview of this groundbreaking show.

Should you have questions regarding anything in this newsletter, please feel free to contact us directly using the information provided at the bottom of this email.

September 2018 Calendar

Download my September 2018 calendar by clicking the link below. This month is full of events in and around Texas that could fun or useful to you and your family! This new format allows you to save the document for printing or sending to your family members.
Hurricane Harvey Updates
The Hurricane Harvey Registry
What is the Hurricane Harvey Registry?
The Hurricane Harvey Registry is a project that collects health, location, and exposure information from people affected by Hurricane Harvey. This project is led by Dr. Marie Lynn Miranda from Rice University. This project is funded by the Cullen Trust for Healthcare, the Environmental Defense Fund, and the National Institutes of Health.

What is the purpose of the Hurricane Harvey Registry surveys?
The Hurricane Harvey Registry surveys will collect health, location, and exposure information from Houston area residents and people who came to Houston during Hurricane Harvey. This information can help identify health trends and risks associated with Hurricane Harvey. The registry will also support planning for future natural disasters and policy making by city officials.

Who can respond to this survey?
If you are 18 or older and lived in the Greater Houston area during Hurricane Harvey (August/September 2017) you can take the core survey. Additional surveys may be directed to specific groups of individuals (for example, first responders from other states who came to Houston during Hurricane Harvey).

Why should I take this survey if I was not affected by Hurricane Harvey?
In research studies, scientists usually compare people who have been affected by an event to people who have not been affected. If you have not been affected by Hurricane Harvey, your responses to the survey provide valuable information for making this comparison. After reading the consent form, it will take you about 10-15 minutes to complete the core survey.

National Preparedness Month:
Week 1 - "Make & Practice your Plan"
Disasters don't plan ahead, but you can. Get yourself and your family ready for the unexpected during National Preparedness Month this September. This year’s theme for National Preparedness Month is: “Disasters Happen. Prepare Now. Learn How.” This message recognizes that community members often will be the first ones to take action after a disaster strikes and before first responders arrive, so it is important to prepare in advance.
All Americans are encouraged to take time this month to learn lifesaving skills, such as CPR and first aid; check your insurance policies and coverage for the hazards you may face, such as floods, earthquakes, and tornadoes; consider the costs associated with disasters and begin saving for an emergency; and learn how to take practical safety steps like shutting off utilities. National Preparedness Month includes a “National Day of Action” on Sept. 15, when groups across the country will host preparedness events such as CPR classes, Community Emergency Response Team training events and opportunities to volunteer with local recovery agencies.
Each week in September also has its own theme. For Sept. 1-8, the emphasis is to “Make and Practice Your Plan.” Your family may not be together when disaster strikes, so it is important to know how you’ll contact one another and reconnect if separated. For assistance creating a family emergency communication plan, use the form found by following this link: .
Everyone should also have an emergency kit ready, so you can grab it and go at a moment’s notice.
Necessary items include water, food and medications as well as some cash, a first aid kit, a flashlight, batteries and any important documents you will need if you evacuate. For tips on assembling supplies, visit .  
Families also should establish meeting places that are familiar and easy to find. It is best to choose multiple destinations in different directions so you’ll have options in an emergency. Create a plan that will enable you to evacuate quickly and safely under a variety of circumstances, and practice your evacuation. To learn more about your evacuation zone and creating an evacuation plan, visit . T o learn more about National Preparedness Month, visit . To find out more about creating an emergency plan, go to

Updates from Austin
SBOE: Public Hearings on Streamlined Social Studies Standards and Instructional Materials Scheduled for Sept. 11th
The State Board of Education will hold public hearings Tuesday on proposed streamlined social studies curriculum standards and on new reading and language arts instructional material. The board meeting begins at 9 a.m. in room 1-104 of the Travis Building at 1701 N. Congress Ave. in Austin. There will first be a public hearing on the new instructional material, followed by a public hearing on the curriculum standards.
Publishers submitted 226 instructional material products for review by the state.  The board is seeking new material for English language arts and reading; kindergarten- grade 8; Spanish language arts and reading, kindergarten- grade 6; English Learners Language Arts, grades 7 and 8; handwriting, kindergarten-grade 5 (English and Spanish); spelling, grades 1-6 (English and Spanish); and Personal Financial Literacy. An extensive review by Texas educator panels this summer found that 219 of the 226 submitted products were eligible for adoption by the board, including 178 products that cover 100 percent of the curriculum standards for the particular subject areas.

Any product adopted by the board during its Nov. 13-16 meeting can be purchased by districts and charter schools and will be available for use in Texas classrooms in the fall of 2019. When districts and charter schools order state adopted materials, they are guaranteed a fixed price for eight years, know the extent to which the materials cover the state curriculum standards, and can order accessible material, such as braille versions, at no charge for students with print disabilities.

The second public hearing on Tuesday focuses on streamlining the kindergarten through 12 th grade social studies curriculum standards, known as the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills or TEKS. These standards were last revised and adopted by the board in 2010. The board is responding to repeated complaints that the current standards are too long.

Using a new, rotating system of review, multiple work groups made up of about 100 educators and other stakeholders spent months reviewing the standards and making recommendations for deleting, combining, clarifying or narrowing the scope of the standards.

Final recommendations from the work groups are available for review at

Comments about the proposed revisions can be sent to . It is helpful if specific explanations are provided to support any proposed changes. Texans can register from 8 a.m. today through 5 p.m. Monday at to provide public testimony at the Tuesday hearings. Due to the anticipated volume, testimony will be limited to two minutes per speaker.
Texas School for the Deaf: New "Deaf Out Loud" Documentary Features Students From TSD
The trailer is out for A&E’s new documentary special, Deaf Out Loud, featuring two Texas School for the Deaf (TSD) families: the Garcia family and the Mansfield family.

The Garcias are a family of eight—four of their children attend TSD. Francisco, the father, is a TSD alumnus. His wife, April, is hearing but is a child of deaf parents. Both are founders of Hope’s Lighthouse and advocates for fostering and adoption of deaf children. The Mansfields - Sheena McFeely and Manny Johnson - who are both deaf, are founders of the online educational website, ASL Nook. They are a family of four and communicate exclusively using American Sign Language (ASL)—although, one daughter is hearing.

A&E producers discovered the Garcias through the family’s YouTube videos and the Mansfields through their Disney Parks & Resorts TV commercials. The documentary special, executive produced by Academy Award winner, Marlee Matlin, is scheduled to premiere on September 12, 2018 at 7 p.m. (CST) on the A&E Network. To show the world an added perspective into the deaf community – with some scenes filmed at TSD - the school Superintendent, Claire Bugen, is especially excited A&E is featuring five TSD students and their families.

“With A&E’s amazing success with the documentary series, 'Born This Way' - which focused on adults living with Down syndrome, Bugen says, “it’s wonderful that the series is now focusing on families who are deaf, and deaf children. “And, it’s awesome this special will premier just ahead of the annual Deaf Awareness Week. “With such a strong sense of pride and cultural identity deeply embedded in our deaf community," Bugen adds, “I believe these two TSD families will present that quite well in their stories.”

During Deaf Awareness Week, September 23-29, 2018, TSD will be hosting several events to celebrate the occasion, bringing awareness to the rich and vibrant deaf community, as well as to our welcoming TSD community. Please watch our TSD Facebook page @texasschoolforthedeaf for more. Watch the trailer for Deaf out Loud now at: 
Texas Comptroller: Texas Tuition Promise Fund ®
Opened for Enrollment September 1st  
Celebrating Its 10th Year, Texas Tuition Promise Fund...

Celebrating Its 10th Year, Texas Tuition Promise Fund® Opened for Enrollment Sept. 1 The Texas Tuition Promise Fund ® , the state's prepaid college tuition program, turns 10 years old this month. Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar today reminds...

Read more
Updates from HD 127
SJRA: Temporary Flood Mitigation Goals Reached
The water level in Lake Conroe has dropped to an elevation of 199 feet above mean sea level. This was the target elevation established by the San Jacinto River Authority and the City of Houston to create a temporary flood mitigation benefit while dredging activities take place in the lower part of the San Jacinto River.

Now that the target elevation has been reached, reservoir operators have shut off the release of water from the dam and will operate with the goal of maintaining the current elevation through the end of September. After September, any rainfall flowing into the reservoir will be held, and the reservoir will be allowed to return to the normal elevation of 201 ft-msl. For additional information, visit or like SJRA on Facebook @SanJacintoRiverAuthority
SBOE: Local PTA Volunteer Honored as
2018 Hero for Children
Fifteen volunteers who have collectively donated 223 years of service to Texas public schools will receive the Heroes for Children award Sept. 14 from the State Board of Education (SBOE). One outstanding school volunteer is selected from each board district. The SBOE will recognize the honorees in a ceremony at 9 a.m. in Room 1-104 of the William B. Travis State Office Building, 1701 N. Congress Ave., in Austin. The board meeting and award ceremony will be broadcast online .

Each hero will receive an individual plaque recognizing his or her service, a copy of the resolution scheduled for board approval, and photographs commemorating the ceremony. Each hero’s name will also be engraved on a plaque that is permanently displayed at the Texas Education Agency. The SBOE has now recognized 450 Texans with this award since the program was created in 1994.

“At this meeting, the board is scheduled to adopt a new Long-Range Plan for Public Education. One of the goals of this plan is to increase family involvement with the schools. We couldn’t have better examples of people who stay actively involved with their schools, often long after their own children and grandchildren have graduated,” said SBOE Chair Donna Bahorich. “We are in awe of their commitment and are so grateful for the assistance the Heroes for Children award recipients are providing,” she said. Below is a brief description of the volunteer work performed by the SBOE District 8 recipient, Laura Clarke.

Laura Clarke (Humble ISD – SBOE District 8)
Laura Clarke, a Parent Teacher Association leader, has organized many projects at multiple schools during her 18 years of volunteer activity in Humble ISD. She organized a book drive, which collected more than 3,000 books for nine Title I schools. When she learned that many children could not afford nice “Sunday best” clothes to wear to the Manners Luncheon in which fifth graders learn proper table manners and etiquette, Clarke organized the Children’s Traveling Closet, which is going strong and is now in its 10th year.
Constituent Resources
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