Fairfield county CT is considered an eligible disaster relief zone for covid-19.  SBA is offering loans of up to $2M for small business at a rate or 3.75% without credit available elsewhere from what I can gather.  I can only get so far without inputting a business name, so not sure of the wait time for relief.  Just wanted to share for Baywater and our restaurants/retailers tenants game-planning how to get through the coming weeks.
Eligible counties:
How to apply:
Interest Rates:


Tomorrow: The DCC Website will have a special page devoted to COVID-19 updates for the community. Chamber members will be able to access this page with a simple form to fill out from your own place of work. You will receive a password for access. 

We will then push this information out by sharing on social media.

We are committed to helping our members and community navigate this situation the best we can.

Below is the link CDC information prepared for Darien Employers by David Knauf, Director of Darien Health Department  This is a repeat fo the information sent on Friday, March 13th.

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