News and updates about YOUR online curriculum, the TEKS Resource System | January 2019
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A Note from the TEKS Resource System Director, Ann Graves
Hello Friends,

Welcome back and Happy 2019! We know you had a successful first semester, spent relaxing time with family and friends, and enjoyed time to renew yourself. You must be eager to see your students grow in knowledge and skills as the year progresses.

You will read in each content area's update about completed work and continued projects. We strive for excellence as you give us feedback and ways to improve. Thank you! Please keep it up.

Lastly, mark your calendar for the summer TEKSCON 2019, held in San Antonio, Texas, July 30-August 1, 2019. Our Keynote speaker, Tim Clue, will bring laughter and a love of our profession. Steve Barkley will be a specialty speaker along with John Wink. If you are interested in presenting, please visit for a complete application. Join us for outstanding professional development delivered by teachers and administrators from across Texas. See you then!
Ann Graves
Director, TEKS Resource System

Quick Tips for District TEKS Resource System Administrators
User Login Report: 
If you have district administrator rights in the TEKS Resource System, you have the ability to print login reports for all your campuses. Campus administrators can print a report for their own campus as well.
To access the report click the System Management button in the top right corner of the screen, then click Reports then Number of Logins Report. If you want a help document that walks you through this process, you can find one under the Help menu in the top right corner of the screen. Next click the large blue System Management button then look under the Reporting heading.
Upcoming TEKS Implementation -
The TEKS RS has your back!
The SBOE voted for an adjusted implementation schedule for the K-5 Streamlined Social Studies TEKS. See the implementation schedule below for the changes. 
Please know, the TEKS Resource System is working to make sure you have the curriculum and assessment documents you need for implementation!

  • Implement Streamlined Science TEKS
  • Implement NEW ELAR and SLAR TEKS for Grades K-8
  • Implement Streamlined Social Studies TEKS for Grades 6-12
  • Implement NEW ELAR TEKS for High School
  • Implement Streamlined Social Studies TEKS for Grades K-5
Long Term Transfer Goals
Each of the content areas has developed Long Term Transfer Goals (coming soon with new development for ELAR).  Long-term transfer goals are designed to address the question: " Why do I go to school studying the same subjects year after year?"  Teachers could use them as an anchor chart for classroom reference that helps to answer student's questions of "why"? The Long Term Transfer Goals can be found in the Resource folder of each content and grade level.

Examples of Long Term Transfer Goals:
Students will be able to independently use their learning to...
  • make informed decisions about current issues utilizing knowledge of historical patterns
  • examine data and/or statistical claims for reasonableness and misrepresentations
  • recognize and understand systems within our universe
  • engage actively as civil citizens to support democratic values
  • visualize scale, shapes, quantities, and spatial relations
  • effectively manage personal finances
  • examine and evaluate sources of information critically
  • communicate ideas and interpretations supported by accurate information
  • work cooperatively to improve the quality of life in communities
  • interact with the physical environment responsibly
Using the Understandings-Based Curriculum of the TEKS Resource System in the Social Studies Classroom

Using the Understandings-Based Curriculum of the TEKS Resource System in the Social Studies Classroom is a fabulous publication found in the Resources folder of all social studies grade levels. It truly helps you understand the purpose and development of all the components in the TEKS Resource System. Please reference this informative document on a regular basis to better connect and use the components in our online system.
NEW Math Documents

There are NEW math documents located in the Resources folder of each mathematics grade level.

The Backward Design Document for each grade level is a single document that condenses major curriculum elements into an easily viewable grid. This document demonstrates the alignment of Overarching and Unit Understandings and Questions with Performance Assessments by unit. This "big picture" can contribute to a teacher's understanding of the course structure. It prints best on 8.5"x14" paper (legal-size).

There are also  Grade Band Concepts Charts for K - 5 Mathematics, K - 5 Matem├íticas, 6 - 8 Mathematics, and HS Mathematics. Each grade level chart is a collection of overarching-level concepts (macro) and unit-level concepts (micro) related to the strands of the TEKS.

Note, Backward Design Document and Concept Charts are now published for Social Studies and Mathematics, with Science coming soon and ELA coming with new standards.
Progress Monitoring
There are multiple options in the TEKS Resource System to assess student progress. Using different methods to assess student progress gives us a better understanding of what our students can and cannot do so we can adapt instruction to fill gaps and meet student needs. ALL of the options below are also available in SPANISH FOR GRADES K-5.

Performance Assessments (Located IN THE IFD) 
  • All core content areas - ELAR, Math, Science, and Social Studies
  • ALL grade levels - K-HS
  • Aligned to the TEKS in the unit
  • Aligned to both content and process TEKS as well as ELPS
  • Assesses a bundle of TEKS
  • Performance Based
  • Rubrics are included
Performance TASKS (Located IN THE IFD) 
  • Social Studies, Grades 6-8
  • Math, Last Unit IFD for Algebra I, Geometry, MMA, Algebra II
  • Aligned to the TEKS in the unit 
  • Aligned to both content and process TEKS as well as ELPS
  • Assesses a bundle of TEKS
  • Performance Based
  • Rubrics are included
Unit Assessment Items (Found in the Assessment Creator - Or DMAC/Eduphoria) 
  • All core content areas - ELAR, Math, Science, and Social Studies
  • Grades 2nd - HS
  • Aligned to a content standard and possibly a process standard
  • STAAR-like items (multiple choice, griddable, and open-ended)
  • Can pull questions by SE or by unit
  • Rubrics are included for open-ended questions
Formative Spiral Items (Found in the Assessment Creator ONLY)
  • Science K-5
  • Math K-Algebra II
  • Social Studies Grade 8 and US History
  • Aligned to both content and process standards
  • Items available for each unit
  • Items aligned to previously taught or current unit TEKS
  • Rubrics are included
You can also use other components of the TEKS Resource System to progress monitor! Don't forget vocabulary, misconceptions, unit understandings, unit questions, specificity, and vertical alignment! 
Did you know?
The Texas Curriculum Management Program Cooperative, or TCMPC, is a shared service agreement between the 20 Educational Service Centers (ESCs) in Texas. This shared service agreement, or SSA, allows participating ESCs to share responsibility for the management and operations of the online curriculum management system known as the  TEKS Resource System.
The TCMPC reflects the combined effort of the ESCs to help schools improve student performance and operate more efficiently and cost-effectively. 
2019 State TEKS Resource System Conference: TEKSCON
We are hosting our annual 2019 TEKS Resource System Conference in San Antonio on July 30 - August 1, 2019. Save the date for your district team to attend! We will have an amazing lineup of presenters and inspirational speakers to motivate and inform you and your team for the 2019-2020 school year.
Content Updates:

We are still in the process of reviewing, editing, and formatting the new IFDs based on the new TEKS. All of the first semester IFDs have been posted in the Resources section of our website. To access this folder, use the Quick Search feature on our homepage. Select your grade level and either English Language Arts or Spanish Language Arts. This search will yield five folders with one of them titled "Resources." The new curriculum documents will be the first option once this folder is opened. We welcome your feedback on all of the new curriculum components.

We are asking for districts and teachers to review the new curriculum documents and provide us feedback.
We will be collecting feedback on the documents through February 2019. Once all the feedback is collected, we will make revisions and get the documents ready for publishing late spring/early summer 2019. Districts and teachers can use the feedback button located in the folder where the documents are located to submit feedback. Please be sure to tell us what may need to be changed as well as what is good and should not be changed.
Math Update
The TEKS Resource System Mathematics Team is finalizing STAAR Analysis for Grades 3-5, 6-8, and Algebra I. 
  • The 2018 STAAR items will have TEA's released rationales; whereas, all previous years' STAAR items will have TEKS Resource System rationales. The Mathematics Team is reviewing all items to determine the most appropriate unit(s) that aligns to the item. 
  • Also, previously released rationales and notes are being reviewed. 
  • STAAR Analysis documents will be released by grade level (one complete document containing all items from all years), by unit (one document for each TEKS Resource System unit containing all items aligned to the student expectations for the unit), and by individual student expectation (one document for each student expectation containing all items aligned to the student expectation). There will also be a compatible district version (one complete word document with editable fields so districts can input their own district/campus/teacher data).
The STAAR Analysis documents will be coming soon. Enjoy!
Science Update
2018-2019 Content Development
  • 1st-4th six weeks Performance Assessment Rubrics are published; 5th and 6th six weeks will be published on a roll-out basis.
  • Assessment items are continually being developed for Grades 2-HS.
  • Anatomy and Physiology components are continuing to be published, including assessment items.
  • The Forensic Science course is continuing to be developed in "draft" status. This course may be found in our "Resources" section.
  • The 2013-2018 STAAR Analysis for Biology has been published, and Grades 5 and 8 will be published soon. 
    • This includes the Blueprint and Item Percentages with Frequency Distribution. 
    • There is a new header on the analysis that displays both old and newly streamlined TEKS information. 
    • A new component on our 2018 analysis is the addition of TEA Rationales for each answer option. 
    • We are updating the STAAR Analysis links under "System Resources" on the IFDs to reflect streamlined coding of TEKS.
      • Grade 5 IFDs will include links to vertically aligned Grade 3 and 4 STAAR Analysis documents.
      • Grade 8 IFDs will include links to vertically aligned Grade 6 and 7 STAAR Analysis documents.
  • Next, we are working to ensure that all of our resources are streamlined.
  • New resources will be published in the spring semester.
  • TEA has begun the process of streamlining science resources in the Texas Gateway. We will update the "Other Resources" links on our IFDs when TEA has completed their work.
Social Studies Update
Streamlining:  The SBOE has completed the streamlining process.
  • The SBOE passed streamlined standards with a modest reduction in the amount of content. While the review committees suggested more deletions, the SBOE chose to retain content on several key issues they deemed important.
  • The SBOE clarified some standards that had challenges in regard to grammar and content.
  • The SBOE rearranged many standards resulting in significant renumbering of student expectations.
The next step for our work is dependent on the publishing of "rule text" by the state, which serves as the official language of the standards. There were a flurry of changes near the completion of the process requiring TEA to correct the language in accordance with SBOE amendments.

Our work begins when the rule text is published. We will start to develop a "crosswalk" or "side-by-side" where we align old standards to new. This enables us to begin realigning the content of the TEKS Resource System.

The SBOE voted to delay the implementation of K-5 social studies until 2020-2021. Courses 6-12 will still be implemented 2019-2020. Our team will work to have new materials in place by our typical release date of mid-June. This timeline depends on the timely release of rule text by TEA. Any delays may result in a roll-out of new material over the course of the fall of 2019.

In the meantime, we are working to expand the performance tasks developed in middle school into high school courses and elementary grades. Implementation is expected along with the release of realigned content by mid-June.