Public Meeting and Draft Environmental Impact Report
  February 26, 2019 at 5:30 pm
Ventura City Hall
Community Meeting Room (Room 202)
501 Poli Street Ventura, CA 93001
Stakeholders, interested persons, organizations, and agencies are invited to a public meeting to review the State Water Interconnection Project and submit written comments to the Draft Environmental Impact Report. Written comments are due no later than April 5, 2019.
The proposed project will allow the City to receive its imported water entitlement through a pipeline connecting from Calleguas Municipal Water District to the City of Ventura. Upon completion of the environmental review process, the next steps include agency agreements, right-of-way agreements, permitting, final design, and bidding for construction.

The State Water Interconnection Draft EIR is available here.
Water: Take 1 Film Festival
March 21, 2019
Water: Take 1 is proudly sponsored by:
Protecting Our Water Supply and Planning for the Future
Mayor Matt LaVere recently weighed in on the importance of protecting the Ventura River Watershed and planning for the future:

“As Mayor, I believe if we work together, we can build on our existing framework that not only safeguards our water future but also protects the precious ecosystems in the Ventura River watershed.” Read the full op-ed here.

The regions’ water supply is changing due to a number of factors. Now more than ever it’s important that we come together to protect our water resources and plan for the future. To learn more view Ventura's Fact Sheet or visit here.
Accepting Applications
Green School Award
In honor of Earth Day, Ventura Water and Environmental Sustainability recognize local schools who demonstrate environmental leadership.

The Green School Award offers full or partial funding for projects that promote sustainability and water conservation on campus. Administrators, teachers, and students are invited to complete a simple application to be considered for either the Environmental Leadership Award or the Watershed Hero Award. Winners will be recognized in front of City Council.

Apply for the Green School Award here.
I am a homeowner in the City of Ventura. Four billing cycles ago, my water bill increased by four times and remained so for the next three cycles. I hired a leak detector company which determined that my dryscape watering system was leaking at the shut-off valves. They were replaced, but $1200 dollars later nothing changed. Out of frustration I called the City, which VERY promptly sent Collin Boys (Environmental Services Specialist) to our house. Not only did he show me how to read the smart meter (I was losing 0.33 gallons per minute) but soon found the problem! He then offered to have the City install a smart watering system controller. It was like a breath of fresh air after so many attempts to find the problem! Had I been smart enough to call 6 months ago, I would have saved a ton of money, but more importantly, precious water wouldn’t have gone down the drain. This is to show appreciation for Collin Boys and his excellent work, but also for Ventura Water for being concerned enough to make him available. It is greatly appreciated!
-L. Samonsky, Jr.
Ventura Resident
Dear Valued Customer,

As your Interim General Manager, I would like to acknowledge the community’s commitment to preserving local water resources. In 2018, our customers reduced their water consumption by an annual average of 22% when compared to 2013 (pre-drought). Although we are grateful for the recent rains, a single wet winter will not neutralize the impacts of many years of persistent drought. In fact, Lake Casitas a major water supply for the City of Ventura, has only increased to 38% capacity. Currently, the City of Ventura remains in a Stage 3 Water Shortage Event. We are asking our customers to partner with us as Ventura continues on the path of conservation.

Ventura Water staff is currently preparing the annual Comprehensive Water Resources Report which evaluates available water supply and demand for the City. Understanding and monitoring our local water supply is essential to planning and managing a stable and reliable water system to support our community now and into the future. As an organization, Ventura Water will continue to be a leader in effective water management and purse projects that secure water supplies, improve water quality and support water efficiency.

Susan Rungren
Ventura Water
Interim General Manager
Ocean Friendly Garden Workshop
Saturday, March 16, 2019
10:00 am- 3:00 pm
Avenue Adult Center
550 N Ventura Ave.
RSVP here.

Join Surfrider Foundation to learn how to transform your landscape into an Ocean Friendly Garden! Topics include: rainwater harvesting, plant selection, attracting pollinators and wildlife, landscaping in fire-prone areas, and building healthy soils.Ventura Water will be sharing information on rebates and incentives available to City of Ventura residents.